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Groove Blog SEO - How To Properly Optimize & Monetize Your Grooveblog

Nov 30, 2022

Groove Blog SEO - How To Properly Optimize & Monetize Your Grooveblog



How would you like thousands of visitors finding your Groove blog every month for free, directly in Google search results? That is the power of properly optimizing your Groove blog, using the Groovefunnels SEO best practices demonstrated in this video.

The Grooveblog app makes it easy for anyone to create and monteize their very own blog, even if they have no prior blogging experience. With a few clicks, you can setup your own blog on a custom domain name, and start getting free traffic from Google. The best part about getting free organic traffic to your Groove blog is that when people find your content organically in search results, they are much more likely to convert to a customer than if you disrupt them with a weird ad.

The benefits of optimizing your Groove blog for search engines:

Correctly optimizing your Groove blog for search engines using the tutorial below means that you will get plenty of website visitors without ever having to pay for traffic.

The way it works is simple:

Start by using a keyword tool to find out which terms people are frequently searching on Google, and filter them by difficulty level. You will want to start out by targeting keywords with a low difficulty score until you build up some website authority and toptical relevance.

Once you've found some valuable keywords to target, you'll want to create blog posts around those topics, and be sure to use your keyword in the post title and H1 tag, as well as throughout the content. Also include relevant images, and perhaps a video. Embedding an optimized YouTube video on your Grooveblog is a great way to increase your engagement rate, and get people staying on your Groove page longer after they click!

If done correctly, an optimized Groove blog will show up on page one of SERPS (search engine results pages) every time someone searches for your target keyword or phrase (long-tail keyword.) Your Groove blog will continue to recieve organci traffic as long as your posts remained ranked in the search engines, meaing you will get more and more free traffic over time!

Is Grooveblog good for SEO?

Yes, Grooveblog is excellent for seo for a number of reasons; however, it also has some drawbacks...

What makes Groove blog great for SEO is how easy it is to create and optimize new posts. In addition to being able to quickly format your posts, Groove blog gives you plenty of options to set your URL, meta data, keywords, and title tags. Another reason Groove blog is great for SEO is because they give you control of the post slug, category slug, and other technical seo settings that other quick builder blogging platforms miss.

One of the downsides to using Groove blog for SEO is that the homepage of your blog will likely load incredibly slow. Page speed on the blog posts themselves is usually decent, however, we have noticed some significant lag loading Grooveblog home pages. Ultimately, this is not a deal killer though, because most people use blogs to get organic traffic, meaning users will find individual posts organically in search results, and likely never visit the blog's home page.