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Key Words Planner: The Only Tool You Need For Finding High Value Keywords

Nov 17, 2021

Key Words Planner: The Only Tool You Need For Finding High Value Keywords

Wish finding easy to rank keywords was easier? This key words planner tool will make finding high value key words a breeze, so that you can optimise your website, and rank on the first page of Google!

You're ready to get your blog ranked for high traffic, low competition keywords. You've read up on SEO and you know what kind of words Google likes. Keywords that are relevant to your post, not spammy, and with decent search volume...

So why can't you find any good ones? Keywords are hard to come by manually, which is why there are so many tools to choose from. Key words planner tools are not all the same, which is why we've detailed the best one and how to use it here.

What is a key words planner? Keywords are the words that people type into Google when they're looking for something to buy. Keywords with high search volumes but low competition are the easiest keywords to rank for , which means you will get loads of traffic fast. Keyword planner helps you find these easy to rank keywords quickly.

Which Key Words Planner Is Best?

With so many key words planners on the market, how can you know which keyword tool is right for you? Keyword planner tools are extremely useful, but choosing the best can be very difficult. Keyword rankings fluctuate constantly, so it is impossible to say which tool is 100% accurate all of the time. However, some keyword tools are much better than others due to their simplicity, and ease of use. Price is also a factor when choosing a key words planner. Keyword planners often carry price tags in the hundreds of dollars range, not including premium features.

Today, many top SEO professionals use Shine Ranker (see here ) to help them manage their SEO and PPC campaigns . Keyword rankings change all of the time, and Shine Ranker allows you to output your search volume and keyword difficulty data into an Excel spreadsheet for easy. You can also include details about previous and current Google rankings. Another useful feature of Keyword Shine is that you can set instantly run an automated SEO audit. In other words, in a few seconds, you can know exactly what you need to fix on your website to rank number one on Google!

Price is also another benefit of Chase Reiner's Shine Ranker tool. For a limited time, you can get exclusive savings by purchasing a yearly subscription through this link. Purchasing a years access will ensure that you can keep tracking your keywords (and finding more) for 12 months, as you watch your rankings climb. Keyword planners can be expensive, so why pay more than you have to?

How To Use The Key Words Planner

How do you get the most out of a key words planner? Key words planner is a tool that Google provides to help optimize your website for search engines. Key words planers are meant to be used by both webmasters and normal users who want to find high value keywords, but do not know how to use them.

Key words planners can be very useful, but you need to understand how they work if you want to get the most out of them. The first place to start is choosing the right one (we recommend this one.) Once you have access to the tool, the next step is to load your website into the key words tracking software. Key words planners have a variety of features, so you can track multiple aspects of your website for keywords.

One feature that is very useful is the key words difficulty checker. Key words are ranked in difficulty by how competitive they are. Key words that have higher rankings are harder to rank for, so you need to prioritize these if you want to start ranking in Google's top ten. That's why this tool automatically shows you the difficulty and search volume of all your key words.

How To Use The Key Words Planner For SEO Audits

How can a key words planner help with your seo? Pay close attention! Key words are extremely important in seo audits. Key words are what your blog post is about - the search terms you want people to use when searching for your website on google, bing or yahoo. Key words show what you blog post is about, and must be included in specific parts of a blog article such as the title, heading (H1), image atl-text, meta-data, and more. Keywords are important because they are what people are searching for when looking for your business on google. Key words show you which parts of your blog post need to be optimized with that specific key word in order to send search engine traffic toward it.

Keeping track of keywords is complex and can sometimes take hours - if not days. Key words planners help you not only find high value keywords, but track them over time. Now, key words planner tools (like this one) can even do instant seo audits on demand! Key words planners are the perfect seo tool, because they help you find keywords fast, and track them so you know exactly which parts of your website need optimizing. Now, you can instantly export this data using the automated seo audit feature of Shine Ranker.