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Why Are There So Many Bot Videos On YouTube? - BOTTED YOUTUBE CHANNELS

Nov 25, 2022

Why are there so many botted channels on YouTube? - YOUTUBE BOTS EXPLAINED

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Have you ever wondered why there are so many of those weird bot videos on YouTube?

More and more weird bot videos are popping up on YouTube every day. Do people really enjoy watching videos narrated by robots? The answer may surprise you!

YouTubers are now using bots to create monetizable videos.

Although this directly violates YouTubes terms of use, the platform is having an extremely difficult time stopping the robot videos. Of course, using a bot to create your YouTube videos could get your channel banned... Or, it could make you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Would you risk it for the biscuit?

Making money on YouTube with bots

Love it or hate it, bots are making creators big money on YouTube. The way it works is simple. Creators use SEO tools like this one to find keywords with high search volume, and low competition. In other words, they purposesly create the videos with titles that people are already searching for. Next, they use an artificial intelligence content writer to create a script for the video in seconds. Then, they paste the AI generated video script into the AI video bot, which instantly spits out an engaging video, ready to be uploaded to YouTube!