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AI Article Generator: The Best Automated Blogging Tool In 2022

Nov 14, 2021

AI Article Generator: The Best Automated Blogging Tool In 2022

Meet the AI robot that can replace your entire staff of content writers! This artificial intelligence writing tool can help your business create more quality website content in less time! If your business isn't already using the power of A.I. to automate your content production process, you are likely leaving serious money on the table!


One of the primary benefits of using AI to create content in 2022 is the billions of data points the bot has to draw on. While our tiny little human brains can only think about so many things at once, artificial intelligence lets us harness the power of the entire internet to craft our website content and sales copy. All you have to do is tell the bot what to write about, and let technology do the rest!

What Kinds Of Content Can Be Generated Using AI Article Generator?

These days, this AI content generator can create virtually any type of content you need, for any platform. Whether you need a content generator to create website copy, Google Ads, YouTube video scripts or descriptions, blog posts, news articles, or any other type of online content you can think of; This new tool can do it in a matter of seconds. Major brands are even using artificial intelligence to write some of their social media posts, and even sales letters!

How Does The AI Article Generator Work?

Creating content using the AI article generator is as simple as telling the bot what to write about. You can give your robot a tone of voice, and a brief description of your topic. After that, just click the button, and watch it spit out as much content as you need! Every few paragraphs, you will want to guide the AI article generator by typing a few sentences of your own manually. This will keep the article generator bot on track, and ensure the content it writes is accurate.

When using the article generator, there are a few settings to be mindful of. Depending on which level of access you have to the software, you will have access to different features. To get the most out of your subscription to the AI article generator, be sure to upgrade to boss mode! Once you have unlocked boss mode, you will be able to use features such as unlimited content generator, as well as an array of useful SEO features.

Will The AI Article Generator Content Pass Plagiarism Checks?

Yes! The content generated by the AI article generator passes plagiarism checks like Grammarly and CopyLeaks because the content is 100% unique. This is not the old tools that scrape the web for content and then spin existing articles. This content creation bot writes 100% unique articles for your website, blog, or social media profiles on any topic you choose. You can be confident knowing that the content this robot creates will be original, and you can use it on your website without worrying about plagiarism or duplicate content.

Many people are even using the article generator to make money, by selling writing services on gig platforms like Fiverr and Upwork. Digital marketing and seo agencies even use this software to generate articles and content for their clients websites! With the ability to generate as much content as you need on demand, you will never need to hire a writer or worry about plagiarism ever again.

Are There Any Free Automated Blogging Tools That You Can Use Without Paying?

Yes! Now you can try the best automated blogging tool for free using this link. If you are looking to generate unlimited articles, blog posts, or website content, you need to try this software for free. When you realize how much time you can save using a bot to generate your content, you will probably see why people say the upgraded version of this AI Article generator pays for itself! For a limited time only, you can get 10,000 credits free using the link on this page; so signup and see for yourself how much content you can create with a few clicks of a button!