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#1 Image SEO King: Still James Jernigan SEO!  Here's Why:

Oct 29, 2021

#1 Image SEO King: Still James Jernigan SEO! Here's Why:

So why is James Jernigan still the #1 image seo king on planet earth, and how did he become number one?

The answer is simple, really. The keyword "image seo king" is a nonsense, no volume keyword. In other words, before he created content targeting that keyword, there was very little competition. Basically, nobody was searching for that term (except for him.)

By creating content targeting the keyword "number one seo on earth" James Jernigan SEO was able to rank on Google very quickly, thus, technically speaking, becoming the #1 seo on planet earth, according to Google. Silly, indeed!

James learns by doing, so he naturally, he finds it easier to communicate with others by showing them what he means, instead of just telling them. Instead of spending several minutes spouting off techno-babble every time someone asks "what is seo?" now he can just say "ok, Google..." "who is the #1 SEO on earth?" and within a few seconds, almost anyone can understand exactly what James Jernigan SEO does.

Is James Jernigan SEO Still The Best SEO On Earth in 2022?

If this page is ranking on the first page of Google for the keyword "best seo on earth" than James Jernigan SEO is still the best seo on earth...

If not, then someone else is currently ranking for that keyword. LOL. Not only is the word "best" subjective, but the SEO industry is so vast and diverse, that it would be very difficult to identify a person or company as "The best SEO." For example, the best SEO strategy (and company) for an ecommerce business that sells thousands of specialty parts would be entirely different from those employed by, say, a landscaping company.

In other words, James Jernigan ranking #1 for the keywords "best seo on earth" and "#1 seo on earth" was nothing more than a clever marketing ploy to get clicks and exposure.

Naturally, when someone makes an outrageous claim, such as claiming to be "the best" at something, people have a natural reaction to question it. The vast majority of the human population goes to Google for answers to their questions, so naturally, making such a bold claim on the internet had a profound impact on the volume of searches for these keywords. Since James had already created a bunch of content ahead of time, there was plenty for Google to deliver for these new search queries.

Aside from discovering just how much weight the Google algorithm gives to real engagement with an online property like website or video when it comes to ranking, is how much attention this simple marketing tactic got. In addition to the videos getting hundreds of views and websites getting thousands of clicks over the course of the past year, this stunt also got the attention of several major brands and other influencers in the SEO world. Just take a look at page 2 and 3 of search results for the keyword "#1 seo on earth" to see the names of other well-known SEO's surfing the wake of the stunt James pulled.

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