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Zeru Views YouTube - HOW TO FIX FAST

Nov 25, 2022

Learn how to hack the YouTube algorithm

VIDEO: How to fix zeru views YouTube

Are you concerned because your videos are getting zeru views on YouTube?

This videos tutorial will show you how to fix the problem of zeru views YouTube quickly!

The most likely reason for getting zeru views YouTube is poorly optimized content.

YouTube videos (especially on new channels) rely on people finding them in search results in order to get views.

When someone searches a keyword on YouTube, they are most likely going to click on one of the videos on the first page.

If you YouTube videos are not ranking on the first page for your target keywords, they will likely end up getting zeru views.

The best way to fix zeru views YouTube is to learn advanced YouTube seo, by following the video optimization tutorial embedded at the top of this post.

Other causes of zeru views YouTube:

If your videos are properly optimized but still getting zeru views, there are several other possibilities as to what may be going on.

Another cause of zeru views YouTube is a poor internet connection while checking your analytics.

If your internet connection is poor, YouTube analytics may bot load properly, and therefore, you video will show zeru views.

Another possibility of why you may be getting zeru YouTube views comes down to YouTube bugs.

On occasion, the YouTube video sharing platform experiences bugs that cause the software to misbehave, and display zeru views.