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YouTube Shorts Monetize - How To Monetize Your Shorts On YouTube

Mar 13, 2023

Many creators are excited to learn that YouTube recently began allowing video creators to monetize their shorts with ads.

Using Google adsense, YouTube now pays creators for eligible videos, based on how many views they get. The really exciting thing is that anyone can apply to have their shorts monetized. Making money with short form content is actually one of the leading ways people are making money online in 2023.


How To Make As Much Money As Possible From Your Shorts

The fastest way to get YouTube shorts monetization is to follow the steps in the Short Form Content Checklist. This step-by-step process ensures that you not only follow all of the proper requirements, but maximize the revenue generated by your videos. Many People don't realize that the YouTube Partner Program (YPP) is actually not the most lucrative way to monetize their shorts. In fact, the most successful short form content creators on YouTube make the majority of their money through brand deals, better known as affiliate marketing.

The truth is, unless you are getting millions of views on your Shorts, the YouTube partner program, also known as Google adsense, will likely only pay you a few cents each month. Don't worry, though! It is easy to get signed up with a sponsor who may be willing to pay you thousands, or even tens of thousands of dollars per month for promoting their products on your channel. Click the red link above to get started today!