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YouTube Payment For 1 Million Views - Are YouTubers Being Honest About Their Income?

Dec 24, 2022

YouTube Payment For 1 Million Views

How much does YouTube pay for 1 Million views? The answer to that question varies greatly, depending on which YouTuber you ask. Some YouTubers claim to make tens of thousands of dollars from 1 million views, while others say they are only paid a couple hundred bucks...

So which answer is the truth? Is the YouTube payment for 1 million views really a lot of money, or are YouTubers greatly exaggerating their earnings? The reality is, YouTube pays creators vastly different amounts for ads on their content, depending on what niche they are in, and how much advertisers are willing to pay. That means that some creators in high-paying niches, such as marketing or make-money-online could be getting a massive YouTube payment for 1 million views. Meanwhile, people in less profitable niches, such as gaming, or arts and crafts, might get a small YouTube payment for 1 million views.


How to get YouTube payment for 1 million views

The first step to getting a YouTube payment for 1 million views is to actually get 1 million views on a video, which is no easy feat. Unless you have a ton of subscribers, you will need to create a wildly popular video. To do that, many creators are turning to shorts. Shorts are much more likely to get a million views than a long form video, although monetized long form videos pay much better than shorts. YouTube did however recently announce that they would be paying creators for ads shown on their shorts, if of course, their channel is monetized. YouTubers looking to monetize their channels and get a ton of views in a hurry are turning to James Jernigan's Passive Profits Mastermind.