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YouTube Destop - How To Use YouTube Destop On Your Phone

May 27, 2022

YouTube Destop - How To Use YouTube Destop On Your Phone

If the mobile version of YouTube is not working on your phone, you can always try using YouTube destop. YouTube destop disables the mobile version of the YouTube website, and reloads the destop version of YouTube. If YouTube videos are not playing correctly on your phone, 9 times out of 10 the easiest solution is switching to YouTube destop.

Why use YouTube destop on your phone?

Using YouTube destop is a simple solution for watching YouTube videos when you YouTube app is down. The problem is, when using YouTube on a mobile device, even if you try to open the website in a browser, the website redirects you to the mobile version of the site, or opens the YouTube app if you have it downloaded. But the YouTube app doesn't work on all devices, and sometimes it malfunctions. An easy way to fix this is to go to the settings in your internet browser on your mobile device, and click "show desktop version." This will allow you to access YouTube destop from your phone, and continue watching videos if your YouTube app is not working.