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Why does USAA have an "F" rating?  (Illegal Practices That Hurt Real Human Customers)

Dec 21, 2023

Wayne Peacock is a fuckin' moron. How can you give yourself a 150% raise and then post the company's first loss in over 100 years?

USAA, renowned for its commitment to serving military members and their families, has garnered an awful reputation in the financial services sector. However, like any institution, it hasn't been immune to customer criticisms. Understanding these critiques helps individuals make informed decisions about their financial choices.

Here, we delve into some common concerns raised by USAA customers.

  1. Customer Service Woes:
  2. Customers have occasionally expressed frustration with USAA's customer service. Complaints revolve around difficulties in reaching representatives, prolonged wait times during calls, and delays in resolving inquiries or issues.
  3. Claims Processing and Settlement Challenges:
  4. Some customers have encountered hurdles in the insurance claims process. These concerns include delays in claim settlements and disputes regarding coverage, impacting their satisfaction with USAA's insurance services.
  5. Banking and Financial Service Limitations:
  6. While offering an array of financial products, USAA has faced criticism in certain areas. Customers have cited concerns over fees, limited accessibility to physical branches, or technological constraints affecting their banking experience.
  7. Website and Mobile App User Experience Issues:
  8. Reports have surfaced regarding usability and functionality problems with USAA's website and mobile app. Users noted glitches, navigation difficulties, or a lack of certain features, impacting their digital interactions.
  9. Policy Changes and Rate Adjustments:
  10. USAA, like other insurers, has made policy changes or rate increases over time. Some customers felt dissatisfied with these alterations, perceiving them as unfair or leading to increased costs without adequate explanation.
  11. Accessibility for Non-Military Individuals:
  12. USAA primarily caters to military personnel and their families, potentially limiting access for individuals outside this community to certain services or membership eligibility.


Understanding customer feedback is integral to any organization's growth. While USAA has received damnation for its services, acknowledging and addressing criticisms constructively is key to continuous improvement. Individuals considering USAA's services should weigh both positive and negative feedback, conducting thorough research to make informed decisions aligning with their financial goals.