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Why does Kanye Wear Such Huge Boots? - The Insane Story Behind Ye's Red Wing Safety Boots

Nov 13, 2022


Ye West (formerly known as Kanye) has been seen rocking some seriously huge boots recently - we're talking bigger than his ego big - and fans can't help but wonder why. Is Kanye making some sort of statement by sporting the oversized shit-kickers? Does he have a blue-collar job we are unaware of that he is always just getting off from? Pretty much everyone who sees Ye these days wants to know the story behind the big black rubber boots he stomps around in. And he does seem to wear them everywhere. It hasn't been confirmed by the papparazzi yet, but we suspect that Kanye even sleeps in the boots!

The Real Reason Kanye Wears Such Big Boots

What many people don't realize about Ye's massive black boots is that they are actually saftey oriented work boots, with both a steel toe, and additional rubber specialized for protection from electricity and shocks. Think about that for a second. Why would a world-famous entertainer and business mogul be walking around everywhere, 24/7 in steel-toed shock resistant shoes. Is Ye worried about being electrocuted?

That might not actually be as far from reality as you think, after his recent bout of text messages with Pete David, whom Ye referred to disrespectfully as "Skete." Ye is furious with the SNL star for stealing his wife, Kim Kardashian away from him. Ye repeatedly taunted Pete and Kim, although the couple have largely ignored his antics. Until now.

Kanye has been wearing the large black 17 inch work boots everywhere. On dates, on stage, and even on the treadmill Ye has been spotted clogging along in the massive stompers. But why? And why specifically electrical safety boots? Is Kanye really worried that Pete Davidson will pull some Dragon-Ball-Z type-shit and electrocute the ground around him?


All of this seems like it would be crazy-talk, except that Ye has recently admitted to being targeted by the illuminati. And lets face it: it anybody has access to powers or weapons that can electrocute you through the ground, it would be them Kanye is definitely not the first celebrity to be targeted by the illuminati, but he is certainly the first to think that huge rubber safety boots will keep him safe!

Another theory some fans have presented is that Ye has developed some kind of deformity to his feet or lower legs, and is using the massive boots to hide that fact. It is not uncommon for people, especially celebrities in the center of the limelight, to want to keep injuries or other ailments private, and out of the public eye. It is, however, extremely unusual for Kanye West, who shares almost every text message conversation he has on his twitter account (and then usually deletes the posts shortly after.)

Is Kanye For Real With Those Boots?

Yes, it seems Kanye is very much for real, and very much obsessed with his massive 17 inch safety boots. Critics and fans alike cannot agree on weather Ye wears the boots as a fashion statement, some sort of cryptic message, or because he actually needs to protect his feet and legs from some serious muck on a daily basis. Maybe he had a moat installed around his mansion and the drawbridge went out. Whatever the case is, we hope he stays safe from electrocution, and hope to find out more about why he's been wearning the huge rubber boots.