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What Happened To Groovefunnels?  [GROOVE CM MAJOR 2024 UPDATES!]

Apr 22, 2024



Is Groovefunnels Still A Good Funnel Builder To Use In 2024?

Groove CM, formerly known has Groovefunnels has been undergoing some major changes over the past few years, but questions remain. Is Groovefunnels still a Clickfunnels killer? How does it compare to GoHighLevel? Should you bother spending money on business automation software like Groove CM, or should you just stick to an old fashined Wordpress website? In this video, one of Groove's top affiliates James Jernigan reveals his experience with the latest version of the software, and whether it is still worth using in 2024.

Can you make money with Groovefunnels?

Groovefunnels (now Groove CM) is a funnel builder, also known as business automation software, that helps business owners streamline and simplify the technical aspects of making money online. The software allows users to easily create landing pages, email sequences, digital products, courses, online stores, webinars, and a variety of other business related activities just by clicking buttons. The easy-to-navigate user interface allows complete beginners to set up effective money-making systems in a matter of hours.

There are actually a variety of ways to make money using Groovefunnels. The easiest and most popular way, especially for beginners, is affiliate marketing. Groove CM offers a generous affiliate program, and pays a whopping 40% commissions to affilaites, making it a no-brainer for users to promote. Of course Groovefunnels also allows users to create their own digital products, memberships, and courses, along with their own custom affilaite programs. Another option for making money with the Groove CM software is to start your own marketing agency. The software allows you to quickly create and clone local business websites from pre-made templates, meaning you can easily launch your own web design or marketing agency, with very little skills or experience required!

Does Groovefunnels pay affiliates?

Over the past few years, Groovefunnels experienced a very turbulent growth phase, during which there was a breakdown in communication with customers, which left many people wondering if Groovefunnels actually pays affilaites. The truth is, there was a period of time when Groove CM was not paying affilaites due to financial issues within the company, however, they eventually appologized and paid the overdue commissions to affiliates. Although this left a sour taste in the mouths of many affiliates, the company has been paying the remaining affilaites on time. The positive side of the Groovefunnels affiliate payment debacle is that is has significantly eliminated much of the competition for Groove affiliates, meaning the few of us left promoting it can make even more sales!