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What Does People Reached Mean On Facebook [VIDEO EXPLANATION]

May 20, 2022

What Does People Reached Mean On Facebook? [VIDEO EXPLANATION]

"People reached" refers to how many unique devices, or screens, your post or ad has appeared on. Whether someone clicks on your ad or not, reach is the measurement of how many people had an opportunity to engage with your ad. Basically, it is the total number of people that saw your Facebook post or advertisement come across their screen or feed on some capacity.

Is Reach The Same Thing As Views On Facebook?

No, Facebook reach and views are two different things. While they may seem like the same thing to the average Facebook user, professional social media marketers and advertisers understand the difference. Reach is a measurement of the total number of opportunities people had to engage with your post or advertisement. However, just because people have an opportunity to engage with your post does not mean they will. Out of all of the people your post reaches, only a certain percentage of people will engage by leaving a comment, liking, reacting, or sharing the post. Therefor, a view is counted when someone clicks on your post, or otherwise stops scrolling to engage with it.

How To Increase Reach On Facebook Without Paying For Ads

Many people wonder if there is a way to increase their reach on Facebook without paying for ads. The truth is, there is, and it's much easier than you may think. The video above covers 5 simple Facebook engagement hacks that you can use to get more reach, views, reactions, and comments on your Facebook content.