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Website Ranking Software You Need To Try: 9 Must-Have SEO Tools For 2022

Nov 20, 2021

Website Ranking Software You Need To Try: 9 Must-Have SEO Tools For 2022

If you're tired of spending hours doing SEO the old fashioned way, only to be outranked by competitors who seem to be using magical shortcuts - You'll love these 9 must-have SEO tools. These website ranking software products will make doing SEO a breeze. Thanks to these tools you can now automate much of the search engine optimization process.

The tools:

  1. Instant SEO Audits
  2. Backlink Building Bot
  3. AI Article Writer
  4. Cross-Platform Process Automation Bot
  5. Social Media Comment, Message, and Friending Automation
  6. Multi-response Facebook And Instagram Chat Bot
  7. Sales Funnels And CRM Software
  8. 3D Animation Software
  9. YouTube Video Ranking Software

Website Position Software - Instant SEO Audits

Everyone knows SEO starts with keyword research and a thorough SEO audit, which is why we recommend the instant seo audit tool as the #1 must-have website ranking software of 2022. This tool will allow you to fully automate your keyword research and tracking across multiple projects, as well as produce instant full-website SEO audits that you can even white label for clients, if you run an SEO agency. All you need to do is enter the URL of your website, and the tool will instantly tell you everything you need to fix to rank on the first page of Google. The SEO audits it produces are fully white labeled, so all of your clients will be none the wiser to use a website ranking software product on their website.

Backlink Building Bot Software

Generating backlinks is one of the most time-consuming part of search engine optimization. Especially when you are just starting a new website, and your competitors already have thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of high quality backlinks. Have you ever wondered how some websites seem to get so many backlinks? The answer is simple: backlink building bots.

If you want to give your website a competitive advantage and outrank your competitors, we recommend automating your link building in 2022 using a website positioning software tool like this. These automated link building tools will allow you to essentially create your own private blog network, or PBN. At face value, these links are relatively low quality (some may even call them spammy.) However, if you are creative, these links can help power up your forum posts, social profiles, and other lower-tiered links. We would advise against building automated backlinks directly to your money site, but if you need backlinks fast, this tool is worth a try!

AI Article Writer - Website Positioning Software

The next website ranking software you absolutely must try is an AI article writer. These artificial intelligence content generators can essentially write unlimited text content for you, about any topic you give them. This website positioning software is ideal for website owners who want to expand their website, and never run out of fresh content ideas. Rather than having to spend hours coming up with new idea for blog posts or website content, you can just give the AI software a few keywords, and sit back while it does the hard work.

Cross-Platform Process Automation Bot

If you're looking to save time doing SEO, odds are you are also looking to save time on social media, emails, and everything else you do online. Cross platform automation tools like this one will not only integrate with your WordPress website, but also your Google tools, social media accounts, email automation software, payment processors, and much more. So for example, you could create an automation for posting to all of your social media accounts on a specific schedule, and pull that data from a spreadsheet in your Google account. Or, you could setup an automation that sends your staff an email or text message if when visits your website, or interacts with your chatbot. There are literally over a million automations you can setup with a tool like this, so check it out!

Social Media Comment, Message, and Friending Automation

Another must-have website ranking software for 2022 is this social media automation software. It can like and comment on posts for you, as well as add friends, and send messages to your followers automatically; and that's just the beginning! This tool will also allow you to scrape insanely specific (and accurate) data from social media platforms. Valuable information like email addresses, accounts on other platforms, and other data that drives B2B sales - all at the click of a button! No more spending hours collecting leads, and sliding into DMs... It's 2022; just let a bot do your social media lead generation!

Multi-Response Facebook And Instagram Chat Bot

Most people know that Facebook (Meta) has a simple automated response setting for messenger. But did you know that you can actually setup a "choose your own adventure" type bot on messenger, that actually sends different messages based on how people respond? Yep! You can even insert buttons, links, and even email and SMS opt-ins using this Facebook and Instagram chatbot. Meaning if you combine several of the tools mentioned, you could literally use bots to scrape the profiles of your target customers, message them a link to your chatbot, and collect all their information; all on autopilot! If you sell a product or service online, your bot could even make sales and collect payments for you!

Sales Funnels And CRM Software

When it comes to website ranking software, tracking what happens on your website is a crucial piece of the puzzle. That's why we recommend anyone looking for more organic traffic try this CRM software. It not only has a simple drag-and-drop page builder (and lets you build unlimited pages and websites) but it has all of the CRM (customer relationship management) tools you will ever need to run an online business; or take your brick and mortar business online! A dream software for SEO, this software lets you create sales funnels, blogs, courses and membership websites, online stores, and much more! The best part is, although it has the user interface of a quick-builder, the back end has been designed with SEO in mind, meaning the pages you build will index super quickly!

3D Animation Software

Video content has been exploding in popularity, and platforms like YouTube have become a dream come true for SEOs looking to rank on the first page of Google literally overnight. Since YouTube is owned by Google, it gets special treatment in search results. In other words, Google loves serving video content on page 1 of search results in 2022. The problem is, to rank on page 1 with YouTube videos, you actually have to create a video, which can be super time consuming, and difficult to learn. That's where the best 3D animation software of 2022 comes in. This software will let you create mind-blowing 3D clips using your logo, or stock footage, with just a few clicks! If you are ready to take advantage of the power of advanced YouTube SEO, but don't have time to create videos, this software can help you make professional marketing videos in minutes!

YouTube Video Ranking Software

So we've covered website ranking software, but what about YouTube ranking software? With over 2 billion people watching videos on YouTube in 2022, advanced YouTube seo is one of the most powerful website ranking tools. By embedding YouTube videos on a similarly optimized web page, you can rank them both on the first page of Google! In order to get maximum ranking power and make sure their videos show up on the first page of search results, many people use sneaky tools like video ranking software. This tool can fully automate your YouTube seo, by automatically doing keyword research and optimizing your videos, and blasting them to page one of YouTube search results! Put a link in your video description, and suddenly all of that traffic coming from YouTube will be going directly to your website!

Complete SEO Training

The truth is it takes more than just website ranking software to consistently rank on page 1 of Google search results. While ranking software can help, the best way to rank up in Google serps is to master search engine optimization by taking an SEO course for beginners. SEO training will show you exactly what you need to do to fully optimize your website, so that it will rank on Google whether you use website ranking software or not. By taking an seo course online, you will learn about things like keyword research, competitor analysis, on page seo, off page seo, backlink building, conversion rate optimization, and more. To master seo in 2022, sign up for the How 2 Rank SEO Course!