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Website Rank Checking Tool: How To Find Google Key Words in 2022

Dec 11, 2021

Website Rank Checking Tool: How To Find Google Key Words in 2022

How would you like to reliably rank on page one of Google for your keywords?

It's easy with the website rank checking tool.

This powerful tool will automatically track your website ranking for your target keywords, and show you where you stand in comparison to your competitors.

What's more is you can use this tool to check your website's rank on Google for multiple keywords at a time. Then, you can export this data as a white-labeled spreadsheet, or even add them to a project and track your Google rankings over time. The keywords competitor feature even lets you find and track what keywords your competitors rank for, so that you can improve your SEO to beat them!

In addition to finding keywords, this Google key word finder and rank tracking tool can even perform automated SEO audits!

In a matter of seconds, this new 2022 seo tool will show you everything you need to fix on your website to rank number one on Google. You can even use this feature on a competitors website to find out what their website is lacking, or steal their keywords. Another invaluable reason to use this powerful seo tool is the fact that you can white label and sell the instant SEO audits. In other words, you can use this tool to perform SEO audits for clients, and charge them hundreds (or thousands) of dollars for the service. They will never know how fast you complete them, and will also be super thankful for all of the juicy SEO details you provide them; it's a win-win!

Should You Use Shine Ranker?

Only if you want to rank on Google the easy way! If you like doing things the hard way, then maybe Shine Ranker is not for you... But if you want to see all of the data you need, without getting distracted with tons of info you don't need, then this Google key word finder and website rank tracking tool could be one of the best investments you ever made. By knowing not only the search volumes, but difficulty score, in-title results, and competition can be an invaluable asset when it comes to outranking your competition in the serps. Chase Reiner has been doing SEO for over a decade, so he knows a thing or two about what a good SEO tool needs to do!