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WATCH: Millions Of Linkedin Users Email Addresses Leaked On Google And Available To Telemarketers

Nov 24, 2022

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Millions Of Linkedin Users Email Addresses Leaked On Google And Available To Telemarketers

Did you know that if you use Linkedin, your email address and potenitally other personal information is available to anyone, including telemarketers, directly in Google search results? That's right, that means anyone can look you up, either by your name or using a keyword related to what you do, and get ahold of the email you used to register for Linkedin. The scary thing is telemarketers and email spammers have now figured out how to scrape this data en-masse, meaning they are able to bombard the public with digital ads at an unprecedented rate.

The video demonstration above (for educational purposes only) explains how to scrape email addresses from Linkedin in seconds based on a specific keyword or niche, and compile them to a database using a simple online tool. Hundreds of thousands of digital marketers rely on Linkedin for lead generation, as it is one of the largest platforms for professional networking in 2023. However, Linkedin data scapers are taking Linkedin lead gen to a whole new level!

Has your email been leaked on Linkedin?

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Upon finding about about Linkedin data scrapers and Linkedin users email addresses being exposed on Google, most people wonder if their own email address is public on Linkedin or Google. The best way to find out if you have been affected by the Linkedin email address leak is to follow this tutorial, and see if your email address comes up in the search results.

Having your email exposed on Google search results can be a massive inconvenience, especially if it is your business email. Having your email address public and searchable on the internet means you will receive tons of unsoliceted marketing promotions, as well as be increasingly vulnerable to scammers and hackers. The best way to prevent being hacked or scammed when using social media networks like Linkedin is to sign up for the accounts using a throw-away email address, and if you are serious about internet security, sign up using a VPN.