WATCH: How To Tell If You Are Addicted To Scrolling Social Media On Your Phone

Nov 26, 2022

How To Tell If You Are Addicted To Scrolling Social Media On Your Phone

Have you ever wondered if you are actually addicted to scrolling social media?

It is all too easy to get sucked into a black hole of silly videos, controversial posts, and scandalous selfies.

But is scrolling social media all day really the best use of your time? Spending too much time scrolling social media can be super unhealthy, so make sure you are taking steps to manage your social media usage.

If you need help, this video can guide you on how to quit smartphone addiction.

What does phone addiction look like?

Unlike someone who is addicted to drugs or alcohol, identifying someone struggling with smartphone addiction can be tough.

While smartphone addiction won't rot your teeth like a meth addiction will, it will rot your brain.

Someone who is truly addicted to their smartphone will spend a large majority of the day online, looking at their phone.

Often, they have their neck strained, looking in a downward position.

Someone who is addicted to scrolling social media will constantly be checking for new notification on their social media channels.

A telltale sign of hardcore smartphone addict is getting depressed, or even mad, when too much time goes by without getting a notification.

Smartphone addicts rely on the regular hits of dopamine that getting notifications provides.

For many social media addicts, going without that hit of dopamine can mean experiencing extreme lows, and mood swings.