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[WATCH] How To Make Money With ChatGPT & Google Sheets

Apr 22, 2024

Have you ever wondered how the pros are actually making money online using ChatGPT?


This brand-new free video training exposes how the pros are making money online using a simple Google sheets automation. Sit back and watch as AI generated content goes viral on social media, getting thousands of downloads on a lead magnet, all while building a profitable list of email list subscribers. If you think that sounds cool, this is only the beginning when it comes to making money online with ChatGPT!

Make Money Online Using ChatGPT + Google Sheets

Making money online using ChatGPT and Google sheets is much easier than most people realize. While most people are busy looking for ways to integrate ChatGPT directly into Google sheet and automate their spreadsheet tasks, the true AI pros are already laughing their way to the bank with the simplest Google sheets automation imaginable. Imagine a completely hands-off AI system that generates affiliate commissions on autopilot - that is the power of ChatGPT and Google Sheets.

Step 1: Copy the list of money making links from

Step 2: Register for AI software referral programs

Step 3: Replace the links in the Google sheet with your own affiliate links

Step 4: Create AI content using the AI tools from

Step 5: Automate content scheduling using the tool at

Step 6: Profit while AI generates affiliate commissions 24/7