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[WATCH] How To Make Money With AI Influencer Videos (Beginner Method)

Apr 22, 2024



Making money with AI influencer videos has never been easier!

Most people have no idea just how easy it is to start making money with AI influencer videos. That is because most people have no idea how making money online works at all, let alone how to do it using artificial intelligence. But making money online is actually very simple, even for normal every day social media users. Thanks to affiliate marketing, virtually anyone can start making money online, just by clicking a few buttons. Click a few more buttons, and you can set up your own AI influencer that earns you money (by promoting your affiliate links) around the clock!

How to create your own AI influencer videos:

Creating your own AI influencer video is much easier than most people think. In fact, usng, anyone can create their own AI influencer in minutes! Creating an AI influencer actually only involves a few steps. First, you'll need to create your AI avatar. An Ai avatar is a digital verison of you (or another person or character) that will read your video script. Then, you'll need to create your AI voiceover. This is done by using an AI text-to-speech tool that converts your script into an engaging voiceover. With AI voiceovers, you can create an AI version of your own voice, or use one of the pre-made AI voices. Technically, these two components alone are all you need to launch your very own AI influencer. Of course, many people like to add even more effects to their AI influencer videos, like captions, stickers, and special effects.

Monetizing AI Influencer Videos

The first question most people have is: "can I monetize AI generated videos?"

The answer is "yes" you can definitely make money with AI influencer videos! While policies differ from platform to platform regarding monetizing AI content with ad revenue, you can make money with AI influencer videos on any platform with affiliate marketing! All you have to do is register for a referral link using your email address, and you can immediately start earning money by sharing your referral link with people interested in whatever tool you decide to promote. One of the great things about promoting AI software as an affiliate is that most AI software has recurring subscription billing; in other words, you will continue getting paid every month as long as your referrals continue using the software! The best part is, with AI influencer videos, robots did all the work!