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Use Butterfly Marketing with Groovefunnels to Convert More Leads and Customers!

May 01, 2021

Would you like to create an army of affiliates for your business that will bring in more revenue and customers? The answer is butterfly marketing. Butterfly Marketing was invented by Mike Filsaime, a successful entrepreneur who has been using this technique for the past 10 years to make money online. In this tutorial, James Jernigan will show you how butterfly marketing with Groovefunnels can help generate more leads or customers on your website!

Butterfly Marketing is a powerful strategy that has helped thousands of entrepreneurs make more money online. Developed by Mike Filsaime, this technique was designed to help you create an army of affiliates and get them promoting your business for you automatically. In the past decade, butterfly marketing with Groovefunnels has been used as a proven way to generate leads or customers on websites.

Mike would recommend starting out by taking advantage of the free trial offer available from Groove Funnels (if interested). When creating your first campaign using Butterfly Marketing, it's important to set up different tiers so visitors can choose what they want when signing up for a specific list. This will allow each visitor who signs up feel like they're getting exactly what they are looking for. For example, if you are marketing a weight loss program, the different tiers might be for basic info on how to lose weight and an email course about losing weight. We want our visitors to feel like they've made their choice when signing up - so it's important that we give them what they're looking less interested in first!

After setting up your campaign with butterfly marketing, it is crucial to monitor its success closely. Finding out which of your campaigns converts best will help you tailor future offers and make sure people always get what they need whether or not there was something else they wanted more but didn't sign up for at the time.

Mike Filsaime has been using this technique in his businesses successfully for years. He recommends putting your affiliate portal right on your thank-you page, that way your customers will know without a doubt they can earn money promoting your products. This is a great way to start making affiliates out of all your customers and clients.

The Butterfly Marketing System has the power to help you build an army of affiliate marketers for your business, no matter how small it may be! You never know when they'll recommend your product or service - so make sure that if someone does ask them about what they do (or their favorite products!), then you're one of those options on the list.

The best part is, all of this can be done completely for free! One of the benefits of using Groovefunnels is that you can get started for free, with no credit card required. All you need to do is create a username and password!

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- Butterfly Marketing System - Mike Filsaime's revolutionary marketing technique that creates an army of affiliates automatically, which he has been using to build successful businesses since 2007. It uses conversion optimized sales funnels and powerful marketing software.- The best part about this system is that all of your customers are potential marketers - so make sure they know what they're getting into when they buy from or promote your business! And don't forget to put links on thank-you pages leading them to create their custom link.

Another beautiful and seamless benefit of using Groovefunnels to create your affiliate program, is that your affiliates are also enrolled into the Groovefunnels affiliate program for free. That means that if they end up liking Groovefunnels too and decide to upgrade: you get paid from that too! If you are a free member, you'll earn 20% of every sale. If you are a platinum member, you'll earn 40% commissions!

Most people don't know this yet but butterfly marketing is one of the most powerful and versatile systems in existence today for building an army of affiliates automatically using conversion optimized sales funnels and advanced software technology. I think that pretty much sums up what we discussed here :)