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Tiktok SEO Secrets Exposed: How To Rank Tiktok Videos

Jan 29, 2022

So, you're finally ready to join Tiktok, and see what all the buzz is about...

Before you do, here are some tips for using Tiktok SEO to jump-start your account, and start getting seen by a ton of people immediately!

The very first thing you will want to do for Tiktok seo is choose a username that contains keywords, or something memorable or catchy. This will make it so that every time someone searches your keyword, your profile pops on the first page.

Next, you will want to optimize your profile (or bio) to target the same keyword as your username. This is done by including your keyword in your bio section. You should also include a link to your website once you have 1000 followers, or if you are using a business account.

Be sure to complete all sections on your profile, and provide as much information as possible to add legitimacy. In order for you to grow your following quickly, other Tiktok users will want to know more about you, so that they can follow or recommend you. Using Tiktok SEO is a great way to kickstart your Tiktok account!


Include a short, keyword rich summary about yourself in the "About Me" section near the top of the page. Your audience needs to be able to get a sense who you are from a glance. Try avoiding fluff here... keep it simple!

Also, if you want as many organic views as possible, make sure you are using the right hashtags. Try to use as many relevant hashtags in each post as you can fit inside the text box. The more niche and specific the better. You don't want to target hashtags that already have millions of results. Instead, try to target hashtags that have between 10k to 100k results when just starting out, as you will have less competition, but still a large enough group of viewers to start gaining traction.

Another great tip for Tiktok SEO

Another great tip for Tiktok seo is to remember to actually say your keywords in your videos. That might sound silly at first, but think about it... If the algorithms can add captions automatically, it is safe to assume they are using speech-to-text technology to find out what is being said in your Tiktok videos. Since seo is all about keywords, it only makes sense to use them everywhere possible, for maximum ranking power.

In order to rank your Tiktok videos in search results, you need to create engaging content for people to watch.

The bottom line is, Tiktok SEO is great, but it is really the FYP (for you page) algorithm that leads to videos going viral, and creators becoming famous overnight.