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Tiktok exposes major flaw in Google's algorithm!

Jan 05, 2022

Tiktok user @BestSEO recently posted this video exposing a major flaw in Google's ranking algorithm!

Most people have no idea how easy it is to actually defeat the Google algorithm. For decades it has been considered impossible, and even the biggest marketing companies with the fattest budgets have trouble cracking Google's latest algorithm updates...

But a recent viral video by SEO Tiktoker @BestSEO (also known as James Jernigan SEO on YouTube) has proved that it's not only possible, but fairly simple. Shockingly, there is no secret formula or expensive software required!

James has literally just been sending paid traffic to engage with his content, and watching it skyrocket to the top of serps (search engine results pages.) The trick is instead of paying for ads, James uses a service called Microworkers to do what he calls CTR manipulation. Simply put, instead of running paid ads, James pays people to actually SEARCH for and engage with his websites, videos, and social media content.


Since Google tracks everything that happens within a browser session (not just actions you take on a particular page) making sure that searchers find the answer to their query on your page is vital if you want to rank. Since answering queries is exactly what Google wants to do, it's fairly obvious what happens when the vast majority of searches for a particular keyword end on your website. It goes to the top of search results, obviously!