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Tiktok Ads Examples: 5 Examples Of Effective Tiktok Ads Any Business Can Deploy Today

Mar 28, 2022

Tiktok Ads Examples: 5 Examples Of Effective Tiktok Ads Any Business Deploy Today

So, you've finally opened your eyes to the fact that Tiktok just overtook Google as the most popular website on earth. You've come to terms with the fact that its not just a place for pre-teens to waste time doing trendy dances and pranks. You're ready to dive in start advertising your business on Tiktok, so you can cash in on the explosive reach the app offers!

But where do you start?

Do you really have to spend hours watching 15 second videos to understand what the app is all about before you can get attention for your business?

Here are 10 Tiktok Ads Examples To Jumpstart Your Tiktok Marketing

1. Never Use Messenger!

This clever Tiktok ad is actually an organic post, and uses revers psychology to generate curiosity for a new software product. The idea is the hook viewers into watching the entire video, and then clicking the call-to-action, which leads to a free trial of the software being promoted.

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2. Is someone stealing your keywords!?

This organic Tiktok marketing post has nearly a million views, and has generated plenty of sales for the keyword tracking software it promotes. This short 15 second Tiktok ad is the perfect example of using a viewers fears to hook them into watching the entire video. Since many business owners put hours into optimizing their websites, the idea that someone can come along and "steal" their keywords (all their hard work) with one click is startling, albeit true...

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3. How I Tricked A Billion Dollar Company

This clever Tiktok ads example generates curiosity by suggesting that the poster has "tricked" a billion dollar company (aka Google.) The hook states that Google makes billions of dollars from advertising. Then, the video explains how the poster was able to fool the Google search algorithm using SEO and rank on the first page of search results, above the company itself! This 15 second Tiktok ad is an example of how to drive Tiktok traffic to YouTube. In this case, the YouTube video promotes a digital course on how to beat the YouTube algorithm.

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4. Passive Income Robot Revealed!

This video is one of many great Tiktok ads examples, and proves that 15 seconds is all it takes to get serious attention to your business. In this video, curiosity is generated using a hook that starts with "nobody is talking about" which gives the viewer a sense of exclusivity. The video goes on to reveal that a new bot can actually create website content for automatically, and suggests that the viewer could easily make money selling the content on Fiverr. With over 40k views and counting, you can bet this ad led to a good amount of profile and link clicks, and of course conversions. AKA sales. Which is the whole purpose of running ads on Tiktok!

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5. Keep this on the DL!

This Tiktok video advertises an online course. One of the biggest questions small business owners have when it comes to Tiktok ads is how to create Tiktok ads without showing your face. This Tiktok ads example shows how it's possible to generate a large amount of views and sales on Tiktok without having to show your face. Not only does this video not show face, it doesn't even contain a human voice.

This Tiktok ad uses the text-to-speech feature to promote a 7-day SEO training course called How 2 Rank. As the short 15 second video ad explains, this course shows users how to rank on the first page of Google search results over and over again using free websites.

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What makes an effective Tiktok ad?

Many people assume that Tiktok ads are just like ads on any other social media platform; they assume that they can just pay money and get views on their videos.

But the truth is, Tiktok ads are not that simple...

Sure, technically speaking, if you spend money on Tiktok ads, you will get more views. However, according to many Tiktok influencers, buying Tiktok ads is not the best approach for growing on the platform. In fact, if you haven't established a decent following already organically before running ads, you will likely be wasting a ton of money!

A better strategy for using the Tiktok app to advertise your business is learning to create engaging posts on the platform that reach a massive audience, and drive organic traffic to your website or store. Due to the fast-paced, highly-engaging nature of the platform, it is not uncommon for new users to get tens, or hundreds of thousands of views on their first few videos.

The key to getting a ton of view on your Tiktok ads

The key to getting a ton of views on your Tiktok ads is to create an engaging hook. Since Tiktok is the most popular website in the world, you are competing with billions of other creators seeking attention. Therefor, the first split second of your video will need to capture their attention, and keep them from scrolling to the next video.

The most important factor to focus on for growing your Tiktok account is watch time. The goal is to get each viewer to watch as much of your video as possible. IDeally, you want the viewer to not only watch until the end of the video, but to watch it multiple times, and then engage with it by liking the video, or leaving a comment. The best case scenario is that after watching your video several times, the viewer clicks on your profile and follows you. This way, they are not only "subscribing" to your content (meaning they will see more of it in the future) but they are also likely to see (and click) the link in your profile.

How To Make More Sales With Tiktok Ads: High Converting Tikoks

The ultimate goal of any Tiktok ad campaign should be for users to click the link in your profile, also known as "link in bio." Regardless of whether you run a small, local business, an online store, or promote products globally as an affiliate marketer; the bottom line is you will need viewers to leave the Tiktok platform if you want to make sales.

That's where the link in your profile comes in. No matter what you are promoting or selling, it should be linked in your Tiktok profile. Note: if you are using a personal account, you will need at least 1000 followers before Tiktok will let you put a link in your profile. Business accounts get access to a "link in bio" right away, however there are rumors that the reach of business Tiktok accounts is limited compared to personal and creator accounts. Another important thing to keep in mind when trying to grow a Tiktok account for business is the power of Tiktok Shoutouts.

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James Jernigan is the creator of all of the Tiktok ad examples featured on this page, the video tutorial above, and this blog post.