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This AI Robot Will Do Your Homework All Year Long For Less Than $100

Apr 04, 2022


This AI Robot Will Do Your Homework All Year Long For Less Than $100

It's no secret that artificial intelligence is slowly taking over.

Just kidding, sort of...

But what if AI could really do your homework; have we reached that point yet?

Many people laugh at the idea of a robot that could do your homework for you.

Others are terrified by the ideas.

No matter how you feel about it, homework doing robots are here!

Now, of course this doesn't mean you should use a writing robot to do your homework; only that you could. You know, hypothetically...


So, does the homework bot really work?

Yes, this writing bot really can do all your homework for you. Literally all you need to do is give the homework instructions to the robot, and it will complete the assignment for you in a matter of minutes! Don't believe it? Just watch the video above, and see the homework bot in action for yourself!

The way it works is simple. After you give the robot a topic, it uses artificial intelligence to write 250 words at a time. Then, you just give it a few more brief instructions, and it spits out another 250 words! Forget about staring at a blank screen for hours, or staying up all night before your next paper is due. Instead, imagine finishing that huge assignment the night it was assigned in less than an hour, and passing your class with flying colors.


Again, not that you should let a robot do all of your writing homework....

Education is important, ok?!

How are you going to learn anything if a robot is doing all of your homework? The truth is, that is none of my business. I just wanted to show you that a homework doing robot exists. What you do with that knowledge is between you and the robot!