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These A.I. Bots Are Ruining The Internet - The Reason Google and Social Media Platforms Are Trying To Ban Artificial Intelligence

Nov 25, 2022

Check out the bots here

How A.I. is ruining the interent in 2023

The internet is quickly becoming filled with AI bot generated garbage.

At least, that's what the big media companies like Google, Facebook, Tiktok, Linkedin, and all of the other social networks want you to believe. But, is A.I. content really that bad? Well, that depends...

The problem with content created using artificial intelligence bots is that most people using AI tools have no idea what they are doing.

Of course, if you just let a bot write your entire article, without any editing or proof-reading, it will probably turn out terrible. However, if instead of treating the A.I. bot like a slave and making it do everything for you, you use the AI writer as a tool to help you write faster - you can create some super high quality content in minutes (instead of hours!)

The difference between terrible AI content (that can get your website de-indexed or penalized by Google) and excellent AI content (that Google eats up and ranks quickly) is how much time and effort you put into creating it. Just posting random spun content from a cheap AI content generator will likely be a waste of time, and could even hurt your website. On the other hand, using a high-quality AI writing bot like this one could explode your organic traffic, and bring you thousands of new website visitors each month!