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The YouTube Ranking Technique That Spanks Any CTR Manipulation Tool: Guaranteed YouTube Rankings!

May 06, 2022


Are you tired of not getting any views on your YouTube videos?

This CTR manipulation training guarantees that your video will rank on page one for your target keyword in 24-48 hours!

It works by forcibly inflating your watch time, using real human video watchers, so that the algorithm picks up your video and shows it to even more people. The really cool thing is you can use this CTR manipulation technique to rank not only YouTube videos, but your Google My Business, your website, or even your social media posts!

Many black hat SEO gurus will swear that using expensive CTR manipulation software is the best way to rank your videos, or that you have to drive all over town with a wagon full of cell phones to really move your website or GMB up the search results...

Maybe you've tried some of these old wives tales in the past, only to be disappointed when your content didn't rank as high as you expected, or worse, Google caught on and penalized you...

This is not your grandpa's CTR manipulation tool! In fact, it's not really an SEO tool at all. The best way to do click through rate manipulation is to use real humans, using real devices, with real IP addresses, period. CTR manipulation software and bots may work to some extent for a while, however there is one thing that will always work for ranking videos: REAL WATCH TIME!

It's almost as if YouTube wants real people using the platform, and rewards creators who keep viewers engaged and watching ads...

Oh wait, that is exactly how the YouTube algorithm works, which is why this technique works so well! By buying real YouTube views from human viewers, you are feeding the YT algorithm the exact signals it looks for when rating and indexing content; and it will reward you by expanding your reach and showing your content to even more people.

Do you now see how sending a few paid views to your video can cause a snowball effect, or even an avalanche of traffic to your video? OR GMB... Or Website...

What are the dangers of CTR manipulation?

The biggest danger of CTR manipulation is getting an obscene amount of traffic to your YouTube video, Google Business Profile, or website. Using this highly effective SEO technique could very easily lead to a massive amount of traffic coming to your website virtually overnight, and could be more than your servers or office staff can handle!

The second risk of CTR manipulation is obviously getting penalized by Google. Although it's hard to image the company that has been mining and profiting off your data for decades would have a problem with you manipulating their perfect little algorithm, it turns out they do. That is exactly why we strongly recommend NOT BUYING YOUTUBE views, unless you do it exactly as described in the ultimate CTR manipulation tutorial.