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The SEO YouTuber Destroying The You Tube Search Engine in 2022

Jan 03, 2022

The SEO YouTuber Destroying The You Tube Search Engine in 2022

If you're looking to learn the latest advanced YouTube seo techniques, you need to subscribe to James Jernigan SEO and Digital Marketing on YouTube!

What is an SEO YouTuber?

An SEO YouTuber is someone generous enough to share their latest search engine optimization techniques publicly, so that everyone can benefit from the tactics. Some SEO freelancers and agencies resent SEO YouTubers, and call them "fake SEO gurus" because they think more people knowing the new SEO hacks will create more competition, and make ranking harder. Some SEO YouTubers even experience black hat seo attacks against them, just for making videos and sharing SEO tips on social media.

James Jernigan SEO is a SEO YouTuber who's on his way to destroy the Youtube SEO game with his unique SEO strategies. He has recently skyrocketed up the YouTube search results ranking for highly competitive keywords like "seo course" and "affiliate automation." He even ranked number one on google for "best seo on earth!"

SEO YouTubers like James Jernigan SEO think about search engine optimization differently than most people; and even agencies, for that matter! While most organic search marketers think about SEO strictly from an on-page and off-page perspective, and rely heavily on the latest tools and tricks, James Jernigan is busy authority hacking, and manipulating the algorithms of the biggest social media platforms and search engines in the world. Some call what he does black hat seo; but he just calls it effective!

This SEO YouTuber Has Figured Out How To Manipulate The Algorithm!

At this point, almost everyone knows you can buy views, likes, and comments on YouTube and social media...

But very few people know you can actually buy targeted search traffic, and even fewer know how or why anyone would even do that. It's called CTR manipulation, and thanks to James Jernigan, it has turned the 80 Billion dollar SEO industry on it's head!

To keep things really simple, click through rate manipulation just means tricking the Google algorithm, by sending lots of traffic to your website. At face value, it's nothing new. People have been using bots to do this exact thing for years now. The problem with using bots, though, is that Google's algorithms are very advanced, and can detect such foolery. What's worse, Google has been known to penalize websites caught manipulating search results this way!

That's where James Jernigan SEO came in and took CTR manipulation to a new level, by developing a technique that is not only much harder for Google to detect, but actually does exactly what Google wants: sends real people to interact and engage with your website!

Using a service called MicroWorkers, James and his team hire thousands of people to search for and engage with content. Since Google is tracking everything that happens within a search session, these complex sessions at scale send signals to Google that his websites are really popular, and thus, the algorithm boosts them higher in search results!

It's not clear whether SEO YouTubers like James Jernigan SEO will change the SEO industry forever. All we know for sure is that he has been pushing search engine marketing and social media marketing to new limits, and many SEOs don't like his unorthodox SEO techniques... But it seems Google does!

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Subscribing to these SEO YouTubers can help you learn the latest SEO tactics of 2022, and seriously increase the amount of organic traffic to your website. Organic traffic directly from search results is some of the most valuable traffic there is, because people are finding you exactly when they are ready to buy; when they are searching Google! Nearly everyone is shopping online these days, and search engine optimisation is the way to get your business found fast.