The SEO Consultant Near Me In Tamaqua, PA Has A Dirty Black Hat SEO Secret...

Dec 15, 2021

The SEO Consultant Near Me In Tamaqua, PA Has A Dirty Black Hat SEO Secret...

If you live in Tamaqua Pennsylvania and do business online, odds are you've heard the rumors about a certain local black hat marketer wreaking havoc on local business Google rankings.

From Google stacking, to CTR manipulation, to building bulk backlinks, no shady black hat seo tactic is beyond this local seo consultant. When it comes to getting his clients rankings, he will stop at nothing to be not only the best SEO agency in Tamaqua, but the best seo on planet earth!

The question is, can he really do it? How does this seo consultant get seo results without being reported to Google? Does he have a man on the inside at Google HQ that makes him so powerful? If he does, is that Google employee ok?!

These are all questions we wanted answered. So we spent a week with local seo expert James Jernigan and his seo team at their headquarters deep in eastern Schuylkill County, to see how seo works behind the scenes. After completing his seo training, today we share with you 5 shady black hat seo secrets he has been using to rank on Google in Tamaqua that will shock your socks off!

#1: Google Drive Stacks - Stacking Google Entities For SEO

When to comes to ranking on Google, one of the tried and tested techniques used by clever marketers looking to take advantage of all of the free tools Google offers is called Google drive stacking.

Essentially, this seo strategy involves creating multiple Google Drive accounts and filling them with content related to your seo campaign.

For example, if you're in the business of ranking local plumbers in Tamaqua, PA, you would create a series of folders on each of your Google Drives that include:

- Plumbers In Tamaqua, PA

- Reviews Of Local Plumbers In Tamaqua, PA

- Best Plumbers In Tamaqua, PA

- etc.

Then, in each folder you would create subfolders for each individual seo target, rich with various digital assets that are all optimized for your target keyword.

This could include:

- Local Plumber Reviews In Tamaqua, PA

- Photos Of Local Plumbers In Tamaqua, PA

- Videos Of Local Plumbers In Tamaqua, PA

- Articles About Local Plumbers In Tamaqua, PA


Once you've created all of your folders and subfolders, the next step is to create links from each of your Google Drive accounts to your main website.

You can do this by creating a custom link in each folder that points back to your website's homepage.

Then, simply submit each of your Google Drive accounts to Google for indexing and wait for the rankings to in!

#2 Black Hat Link Building / Automated Link Building

It's no secret that backlinks are an important part of any local seo campaign.

So, seo consultant James Jernigan made sure his seo team had the ability to build high authority backlinks at scale.

One of the seo tactics they've developed is called "link building through automation".

Basically, this seo agency developed customized tools that allow seo consultants to produce thousands of unique backlinks at scale. The seo agencies' goal was simple: produce as many relevant links as possible in a short period of time without attracting Google's ire. The craziest part is, this can all be done from inside their office, located directly beside the Berwick House Apartments!

To accomplish this, one seo consultant in Tamaqua uses custom software that allowed each member on his seo team to generate dozens of unique backlinks every day by simply clicking a button!

Although some may consider this black hat seo, because it is technically against Googles "terms of use" the fact is the tactic works amazing well for increasing a websites authority, and therefor the amount of customers finding a local business in search results. Especially local businesses looking for the best seo consultant on RTE 209.

#3 Advanced YouTube SEO

Another dirty seo tactic currently being deployed by a certain seo consultant in Tamaqua is advanced YouTube SEO. Since YouTube is owned by Google, it highly optimized videos get shown favoritism in the SERPS.

This seo consultant in Tamaqua PA knows how to take advantage of this by optimizing videos for local keywords.

One way he does this is by creating videos that are localized for a specific city or town.

For example, if you're a plumber in Tamaqua, PA, James Jernigan's seo team would create a YouTube video specifically about plumbing in Tamaqua.

Then, they would optimize the title, description and tags of the video for the target keyword "plumbers in Tamaqua".

By doing this, they can often get their clients' videos to rank on page 1 of Google for their target keyword, resulting in more coming their way. By placing a link to the clients website in the video description, this can drastically increase the clients clickthrough rate, and ultimately, sales! YouTube SEO is extremely powerful for getting rankings fast, particularly when advanced techniques are used.

#4 Clickthrough rate manipulation

Did you know you can actually force Google to believe your website is more popular than it is by sending artificial traffic to your online properties like social media posts and profiles, GMB listings, YouTube videos, and even your website?

You can, and seo consultant James Jernigan seo agency does it all the time.

This seo strategy is called "clickthrough rate manipulation".

There are a number of ways to accomplish sending fake views, and some methods work better than others. The popular, albeit less effective way is using bots, or ctr manipulation traffic networks. This technique involves using software, emulators, or PC sharing services to repeatedly perform certain searches, and click on a specific website, and take certain actions. While this can work to some extent, the tools can be quite costly, not to mention Google's algorithms are designed to detect and penalize these black hat seo techniques.

That's what makes what James does especially sneaky. See, instead of using bots or software, James actually hires hundreds, sometimes thousands of real people to search and engage with his clients websites. These people, often called clickfarm workers, are located all over the world and can be hired for as little as a few cents per task.

By using this method of ctr manipulation, James is able to send more traffic (and clicks) to his clients' websites than any other seo consultant in Tamaqua PA - and best of all, it's virtually undetectable by Google!

#5 The Best AI Content Generator 2022

Imagine having the combined intelligence of everyone who has ever contributed content to the internet, and being able to not only access, but process the information instantly to produce content. Now, imagine that you had a bot that would write unlimited content about whatever topic you gave it...

That is the power of using artificial intelligence to create website and social media content. In fact, the blog you are reading right now was written using this very technology. If you found this post in search results organically, the AI blogging bot is doing it's job!

While this technology is still in it's early developmental stages, seo consultant James Jernigan has been using it to create content for his clients since 2021.

The best part is that this type of content is completely undetectable by Google, and as the technology continues to evolve, will only become more powerful. Unlike the content spinning bots that basically just spam the web with jumbled up nonsense, modern AI writing tools can actually produce legible, coherent content.

Instead of just clicking a button and letting the bot go to town, these AI content writing tools work as an extension of your brain and fingertips; which is what allows this seo consulting agency in Tamaqua, PA to produce content (and get rankings) so fast.

More fun facts about Local SEO Tamaqua

If you've made it this far, it's important that I now disclose a key bit of information regarding digital marketing agencies in Tamaqua Pennsylvania. When it comes to hiring an effective SEO expert, you have several to choose from. Unfortunately, James Jernigan SEO isn't one of them; he doesn't actually live, work, or have an office in Tamaqua. James (and his business) are actually located in Baltimore City, and he is no longer accepting clients for his local SEO services. Instead, James has transitioned his business to focus on increasing ROI for his national and multi-national clients, as well as developing his own internet marketing education business. With his YouTube channel and digital courses, James has helped thousands of business owners around the world increase their website traffic (and bottom line.)

So, why did James use AI to rank this article for digital marketing in Tamaqua?

You see, James has exploded into the SEO industry with such a bang that the shockwaves he created have caused quite a disruption to those in the organic traffic business. While some SEO influencers have chosen to reach out and connect with James Jernigan, a select few have decided to spend their time and energy conducting negative SEO against him.

One form of negative SEO attacks that unethical SEOs employ is called plagiarism.

Recently, a particular SEO consultant in Tamaqua thought it would be funny to steal one of James Jernigan's novelty ranking that he used as a demo in one of his YouTube videos. During an SEO tutorial on his YouTube channel, James Jernigan ranked #1 for "best looking man in Baltimore." A few months later, he noticed that an seo agency owner from Tamaqua had decided to rank for the same nonsense keyword.

So what did James do?

He played along, and ranked for the keyword "best digital marketing tamaqua" to show that agency who they were messing with.

That's when things got interesting.

Instead of reclaiming the ranking for best "digital marketing tamaqua" using SEO, the service this agency apparently specializes in; they resorted to plagiarism, and copied James Jernigan's content word-for-word. Not only did this digital marketing consultant in copy and paste James Jernigan's intellectual property without permission, they distributed the stolen content in a press release across various news websites.


The answer is simple: lack of ethics.

If an seo consultant was actually as skilled as they claim to be, they would never feel the need to resort to unethical and illegal techniques to get attention for their business, or their clients.

Remember, there is a difference between black hat seo and criminal activity.

Playfully disregarding the terms of use of a multi-billon dollar global corporation who openly manipulates their own search results for financial gain (black hat seo) is one thing...

Stealing from another small business owner (plagiarism) is another.