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The Problem With Your Job: Why You Aren't Living Your Dream Life Yet

Aug 28, 2022

How I traded my boring job for my dream life:

A couple years ago, after working jobs for over 15 years,

I finally realized that my problem had nothing to do with getting a raise, promotion, or better job...

My problem was that having a job placed hard limits on my income level, free time, and aspirations.

The boss could only give me a raise so big...

There were only limited positions available for advancement...

Plus, the more I got paid, the more time I spent at work;

and the more gray hairs I got...

Because of these hard limits, I could only dream so big.

What, was I really going to become CEO one day?

Did I even want to?


I was just hoping to cruise out my years with a modest salary,

maybe start a family,

and just enjoy the American Dream of owning a house and car...

But, the whole time,

I saw other people living their dreams,

becoming wildly successful,

and doing all of the things I've ever dreamed about.

Traveling the world. Flying private. Renting Supercars for the weekend. Going out on yachts. Surfing charters. Donating uncomfortable amounts of money to charity. Buying Rolls Royces. Starting their own media companies. Setting up their whole family with inheritances for generations to come.

I spent countless nights wide awake, wondering what these people were doing differently than me...

Were they somehow special, gifted, blessed, or smarter than me?

Certainly not all of them.

In fact, some "influencers" these days seem borderline idiotic. Maybe 3 steps past the line, if I'm honest.

Maybe you feel that way about me, I don't know...

But I noticed one single thing that all of these people had in common:


And most of them FAILED over and over and over again...

Until they didn't.

It was like taking the red pill in The Matrix;

Once I saw it, I couldn't unsee this corny ass fact.

Total freakin morons were becoming wildly connected, wealthy, and famous - every single day,

while I slaved away at a job 60 hours a week,

because of one simple fact:

They took action towards a goal that I couldn't even see...

(Remember those hard limits I mentioned earlier?)

I finally decided that instead of getting angry,

I would get EVEN!

So I went for it too.

I go for it every single day,

and I'll never stop, as long as I live!

I'd rather fall short of my own dreams,

than put them off for later so I can live up to someone elses first,

or worse, let them fade away forever!

It's never too late to take back control of your life.

If you can spare 15 minutes per day to potentially change the course of your life for the better, forever,

I may have something that can help you

and begin to break the chains on that extra regular, boring-ass job you've been putting your dreams on hold for: