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The Best Way To Earn Passive Income Online In 2023

Nov 14, 2022


This method is without a doubt the best way to earn passive income online in 2023

If you've ever thought about using the internet to make passive income, this is the opportunity you've been waiting for. James Jernigan has discovered a way to generate passive income from 15 second videos. If you have a smartphone, you could very realistically start earning thousands of dollars in passive income per month with this strategy.

This video explains in detail how to earn passive income online in 2023. All you need is a smartphone and several social media accounts.

Then, you'll want to find some profitable affiliate programs to promote. James created a list of affiliate programs you can grab and start promoting today to earn passive income online.

Once you've found an offer to promote, you'll want to spend at least 15 minutes per day creating short-form content on platforms like Tiktok, Youtube, and Instagram.

Each day post a few videos to each platform promoting your affiliate products.

If you follow short-form content best practices, you'll want to start each video with a powerful hook that captures the viewers attention, and stops them from scrolling.

Then, you'll want to tell your story; in other words, introduce your product and tease its benefits.

If you want to earn passive income from your short form videos, you'll want to end each video with a strong call-to-action. Tell the viewer exactly what to do next. Click my link. Visit my website. Watch this YouTube video. Sign up to my email list. You get the idea!