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The Baltimore Internet Marketing Business Revitalizing The City's Small Business Economy

Jan 04, 2022

The Baltimore Internet Marketing Business Revitalizing The City's Small Business Economy

Baltimore's economy has been struggling for decades, but Baltimore City SEO is changing the game. This Baltimore internet marketing company does more than just increase website traffic - they help Baltimore businesses grow and prosper! After helping hundreds of Baltimore business owners rank on the first page of Google with their revolutionary digital marketing strategy, that combines traditional seo with the latest social media automation techniques. Due to the recent business shutdowns and fear over rising covid case numbers, demand for highly effective search engine optimization services has gone through the roof.

In an attempt to keep up with the ever growing demand of small, independent business owners seeking to show up in Google search results, James Jernigan (owner of Baltimore City SEO) decided to launch the How 2 Rank SEO Course. This online video training is designed to show business owners all over the world how to optimize their websites for ranking on page one of Google all on their own, without needing to hire an SEO agency. This way, whether you manage your own small business website, or outsource it to a team, you'll know exactly what needs to happen for your local business to show up organically in search results when someone searches a keyword related to what you do.

How 2 Rank Video Course Helps Local Businesses Get More Leads

Looking to get more leads for his clients, Joe Crammond from Social Media Solutions plus was one of the first agencies to adopt Baltimore City SEO's Google ranking strategies. After taking the week-long SEO course, Joe reported that his clients had already received new leads for their business within 1 week of following the simple step-by-step process. Baltimore City SEO's SEO training has truly empowered local businesses to take ownership of their own digital marketing, instead of hiring an expensive seo agency.

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With the How To Rank video course now available for purchase online, Baltimore City SEO is changing how small businesses do business by helping them rank on page one of Google, while indefinitely scaling the amount of people they are able to help, by leveraging the power of the internet! If your business needs more customers, turning to organic internet marketing should be a no-brainer. Now that James Jernigan has been generous enough to share his highly effective ranking strategies, there is no reason any business can't increase their number of leads, month over month, without spending a cent on advertising!

What is a website rank, and why does it matter?

Search engine optimization, or seo for short, is the process of optimizing your website content to rank on page one of Google when someone searches a keyword related to what you do. The more specific keywords that are found in search results will determine how high up on the first page your website appears.

Naturally, if you are a local business owner and your goal is to make money, you want as many people as possible finding your website organically in search results. An optimized website is the equivalent to opening a business on the side of a major highway, versus one 45 minutes down an unmarked dirt road. If you want more customers, you want your website optimized!

What is the benefit of having a high Google ranking?

The higher your website ranks on the first page of Google, the more people will see it. In addition to this, a high ranking website is seen as an authority figure in its industry, which can result in being featured in articles and even television segments about related topics. This increased visibility often leads to an influx of traffic coming directly to your website, resulting in more leads and customers - without having to spend a penny on advertising!

How to rank your Baltimore business on page 1 of Google

If you are a Baltimore business owner, or know someone who is, then James Jernigan from Baltimore City SEO wants to help your company rank amongst the best in Baltimore. According to his website, he has helped hundreds of local businesses up their search engine rankings and increase leads by showing them how to optimize their websites for organic visibility on Google. His online training course called How To Rank was designed as an introduction into internet marketing strategies that can be used both now and indefinitely, as more people learn about the benefits of doing their own search engine optimization.

When is the best time to get started with SEO?

The sooner the better! Baltimore City SEO offers a free consultation to help business owners get started on their journey to page one of Google. James and his team are passionate about helping small businesses succeed, and they will take the time to sit down with you and devise a plan specifically tailored to your needs as a business owner. No Baltimore business should be without the tools necessary to thrive in today's digital age - contact Baltimore City SEO today for more information!