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THC V TCH O - The Differences You Need To Know In 2023

Nov 11, 2022

So, what's the difference between TCH v THC O?

By now, you've probably heard of something called THC O, and are wondering how it differs from THC (the ingredient in marijuanna that gets you high!)

The difference between THC v THC O is best understood this way.

THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) is the naturally occuring compund in marijuana (or cannabis) that gives you the high feeling, traditionally known as euforia, or a head and body high.

THC O (THCO) on the other hand, is also a naturally occuring compound found within the cannabis plant, and also has a similar psychological effect as normal THC.

However, there is a very small amount of THC O in cannabis, so in order to get enough THC O to get you high onto a bud, THC O must be extracted from bulk cannabis plants.

Once the THC O is extracted into an oil, it is then either sprayed onto hemp buds (containing no THC) or made into edibles.

This way, buds (also known as "flower") that actually get you high can be sold in places where normal weed (with THC) is illegal, because they contain THC O instead.

So basically, the difference between THC v THC O products on the market today is that THC O products (even buds, nugs, and flower) have THC O extrac added, where THC products may have naturally occurring THC, or THC extract.

Why would you choose THC O over regular THC?

The reason some people choose THC O instead of regular THC is because THC is still illegal in some places.

In places where THC is illegal but THC O is not, many people choose to purchase THC O online, because it is a discreet way to get legal cannabis products delivered to their house.

Whether you want to buy cannabis flowers, nugs, edibles, vape cartridges, or any other form of cannabis, but it is still illegal where you live, ordering THC O edibles or flower online is probably your best bet.