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Terrifying Secret Spy Bulb Cameras Found Hidden All Over Small Town

Nov 11, 2022

Did you know that any lightbulb you pass could actually be a hidden camera?

Residents of this small American town were shocked to discover that somebody had been odrering these spy bulb cameras online, and installing them all over town.

Local residents worst fears came to light early Saturday morning when they discovered that somebody had been hiding secret spy camera light bulbs all over their quiet town.

It's not clear how long the cameras have been hidden, or just how many there are, but what's certain is that somebody has been spying on this tight-knit community.

Spy bulb cameras have been discovered in quite a few locations already, including above the confessional at a local catholic church, the changing room of Hooters, and even above the showers at the loacal volunteer Firehouse.

Authorities can neither confirm nor deny the rumor, but some residents fear a local teenager is operating some sort of unathorized OnlyFans account with the secret stolen footage. While they still haven't found the person responsible for hiding the spy camera bulbs, they do know that the person has been ordering them online.

Hidden spy camera bulbs are now available to the general public, which has many local hot moms concerned. While spy camera bulbs were designed to keep an eye on babysitters and suspicious employees, it seems area perverts have found another use for them.

Are spy bulb cameras legal?

It may shock you to find out that yes, spy bulb cameras are completely legal in the US. The thing is, though, they are only legal to use on your own private property. Spy bulb cameras are a great way to keep an eye on your kids whie you are out working in the yard, or to watch a new dog walker when they are in your house. Placing spy cameras on other people's property, or in places where someone would have a reasonable expectation of privacy is illegal. So, it is perfectly legal to buy spy bulb cameras online, and to posess and use them, as long as you aren't being a creep.

Where can you buy a spy bulb camera?

The best place to buy a spy bulb camera is, unsurprisingly, the internet. While there are spy bulb cameras for sale all over the internet, we recommend this one. If you are looking for a long-lasting spy bulb camera with high definition, long battery life, and one that is completely unnoticeable, than you want to make sure you get a real spy bulb camera, not a knock off.