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Starting An AI YouTube Channel - Botted YouTube Channel From Scratch

Nov 09, 2022


By now just about everybody has seen YouTube channels that seem to have been created by a bot. What many people don't know is that many botted YouTube channel owners actually have monetized YouTube channels, and earn money from videos created by robots. But now, it's your turn to put the YouTube creation bot to the test, and see for yourself just how good artificial intelligence is at not only creating videos, but monetizing them!

How to create a botted YouTube channel

Creating a botted YouTube channel is simple using automated software like Yive 4.0. This YouTube channel creation software creates videos automatically based on text. Which means you can turn any website, blog, article, or digital text into a YouTube video in seconds, just by copying and pasting! The software pulls stock video from a massive library, and automatically chooses a relevant clip. You can even add AI voice to your video, with the AI text-to-voice software that's built in. Need an app that creates AI videos with royalty-free background music? You're in luck - this tool will let you aadd background music automatically or manually. Plus, you can easily add captions, so that the voiceover reads the script at the same time the text is displayed over your video.