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Social Searches:  How To Make Your Social Media Accounts Show Up On Search Engines

Jun 03, 2022


Social Searches: How To Make Your Social Media Accounts Show Up On Search Engines

Most online business are missing out on a massive amount of free traffic...

Did you know you can get free traffic from social searches?

Google isn't the only place people search online. Today, there are over 5 Billion people using social media. Not surprisingly, all 5 billion of them are also searching natively on their favorite social media platforms like Tiktok, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and more. That is exactly why in addition to a website, anyone doing business online should be using social media, and have multiple accounts.

So, how do you actually show up in social searches?

Basically, the same way you show up on any other search engine; by doing seo, also known as optimizing your content! Just like you would optimize the on-page content of a web page, social media profiles and content are optimized the same way. Technically speaking, social media profiles and posts are web pages. With that in mind, pretty much all you have to do is remember to use your keywords in titles and hash tags. If you use Tiktok (which you should) you can follow this guide for ranking Tiktok videos.

Hope this helps.

- James