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Queenspan Bedding Alternative - Best Soft Wood Horse Bedding Like Queenspan

Nov 22, 2022

Queenspan Bedding Alternative - Just As Good As Queenspan?

The soft wood horse bedding alternative to the wildly popular Queenspan from the Aivly Country Store is here!

Queenspan horse bedding has become so popular lately that it is almost always out of stock, meaning that many people cannot order it from the Aivly Country Store website.

Wanting to give the absolute best to their horses, many Rancers and equestrian centers are turning to Petpost from Amazon for their horse bedding wood shavings.

Petpost pine bedding is made from the softest pine shavings (100% untreated softwood), and has had the dust removed to create the finest quality bedding for horses and other animals, very similar to Queenspan.

The most popular Queenspan alternative is available on Amazon, and even qualifies for Amazon prime, depending on your location.

So, if you were hoping you could buy Queenspan on Amazon, the good news is you can get Petpost soft wood shavings horse bedding instead, and for the price, it's just as good!

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