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Quartzsite AZ Loves Travel Stop - GOOGLE MAPS

Nov 11, 2022

Quartzsite AZ Loves Travel Stop

The Quartzsite AZ Loves Travel Stop is located at the intersection of S Quartzsite Ave. and Keuhn Street. Loves Travel Stop offers both gasoline and diesel fuel, for both automobiles and trucks. There is a large area for trucks behind the convenience store, with a seperate fueling island for commercial diesel trucks. Inside the convenience store, there are also two fast food options, which are Chestrs Chicken and Subway. The convenience store itself has all of the standard fare you would expect at a truck stop or travel center, with a large selection of sodas, candy, snacks, chips, and other travel supplies, such as umbrellas, engine coolant, and CB radios. One thing that sets the Quartzsite AZ Loves apart from other gas stations and convenience stores in the area is a their dog park. Travellers can stop here and let their dogs run around inside the enclosed dog park, which is appreciated by four legged friends on a long drive.