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Promote My Video On YouTube - How To Actually Get Views On YouTube Videos

Aug 23, 2022


Have you ever wondered: "How do I promote my video on YouTube?"

Of course you have...

Nobody bothers making a video and uploading to YouTube in hopes nobody ever finds it.

Is it possible to force a YouTube video to get views?

Actually, yes, it's totally possible to send as many views as you want to a new YouTube video.

There are several ways to do it, in fact.

The most popular (and safest) way to drive a lot of views to a new YouTube video is to run an ad on YouTube or Google.

Ads are a completely safe and approved way of getting views on your video.

For those who don't care about YouTube's silly "terms of use" there is another, better (more affordable) way to promote my YouTube video (and yours, too!)

It's called CTR manipulation, and it basically forces your videos to rank on the first page of search results.

By manipulating the click through rate of your videos, you can get thousands more views from the people who find them organically in search, when searching for specific keywords (contained in your video.)