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Harald Baldr, And Other Great Digital Nomad YouTube Channels

May 27, 2022

Harald Baldr, And Other Great Digital Nomad YouTube Channels

If you love Harald Baldr's YouTube videos, but you've already watched them all and are looking for more travel content, you'll also want to be sure to subscribe to James Jernigan, too! Like Harald Baldr, James Jernigan is a digital nomad, and makes content about his travels. Unlike Harald Baldr, James Jernigan also makes content showing exactly how he makes money online, in addition to the places he travels. Just like Harald, James also loves to climb mountains, and explore remote mountain wilderness areas, swim in cold streams, and see what kind of adventures he can get into each day.

Who is Harald Baldr, and what is a digital nomad?

Originally from Norway, Harald Baldr is a digital nomad. In other words, he is constantly traveling around the world in search of adventure. So far, his YouTube channel has accumulated over 2 Million subscribers of loyal fans who can't wait to see where he goes and who he meets next. One of the coolest things about Harald's videos is that he is always traveling places on the cheap, alone, and searching out the local life. Instead of spending hours making videos about tourist traps like most of the other travel vloggers do, Harald keeps it real and meets the locals, eats their food, and shops at the local markets!

Digital Nomad YouTubers

Digital nomads are people who live a nomadic lifestyle, and earn their income on the internet. In other words, they make money online from anywhere in the world while traveling! Many digital nomads choose to vlog about their travels for a variety of reasons. Some just enjoy sharing the cool things they do and people they meet with others who may not have the opportunity to do so. Others are hoping for a chance to monetize their videos, and earn recurring monthly revenue from the hard work they put in to recording and editing them. Another reason digital nomads vlog about what they do is to teach others how to achieve and enjoy the same lifestyle. That is exactly why James Jernigan started adding travel content to his channel, after being inspired by Harald Baldr's raw, as-real-as-it-gets travel vlog.