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Organic Traffic Vs. PPC: Which Is Better For Beginners? How To Build A Following And Make Money Online

Apr 19, 2021

Just how valuable is organic marketing? What if you could get 10k views per month, with an average watch time of 4 minutes?

That's exactly what happened to me this past month, thanks to staying consistent with my organic marketing strategy. The best part is, I've been documenting the entire process on YouTube so you can follow along! If you haven't already, you can subscribe to my channel here.

In this video I explain exactly why I focus so much of my advertising efforts (and budget) on organic marketing and SEO. One of the best parts about building an audience and increasing your organic traffic is that results build over time. As more people find your content, it gets shared and suggested to even more people for free!

Another thing to keep in mind is the psychology of someone finding your content (And products) on their own, as opposed to their first impression being annoyed by an ad. Plus, with PPC (pay per click) after you get your click, your money is gone. There is no long term benefit if the website visitor does not subscribe, opt-in, or purchase something from you. On the other hand, showing up organically in search results leads people to believe you (or your products) are the answer they desire. Powerful stuff for marketing!

Have you cheked out my SEO training yet? The first three lessons are free (no credit card needed) and the entire 7-day program is only $97!

*Lamborghini for inspirational purposes only, I don't own one....