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One AI software subscription could replace your entire staff of copywriters. Can bots write great sales copy?

May 12, 2021

(One AI software subscription could replace your entire staff of copywriters: Can bots write great sales copy?)

One Artificial Intelligence software subscription could replace your entire staff of copywriters. How? Well, it's because in the future AI will be able to write better sales copy than any human writer. That's why many companies are looking for an AI platform that can create high-quality content for any website or app from the beginning. And now, some of them are able to use AI. That means, you no longer have to hire a team of writers and editors to produce a great sales copy for your site or business because robots can do all the work instead!

Creating a great sales copy has become an easy process nowadays. Anything related to content can be produced by bots in a matter of minutes. No hassle no worries because bots are taking the place of the entire staff of copywriters. Did you know this article was written by James Jernigan's copywriting bot? Check it out here!

AI software subscription vs copywriters

Many people have written about how AI will soon take over many jobs for humans but when we talk about copywriting, most people don't think this way. But now, some companies are looking for AI platforms that can produce good quality content for any website or app from scratch, without hiring any writer at all! This means, if they get what they want, then there will be no need anymore to hire a team of writers and editors, because robots would do all the work instead.

What is AI software subscription

Artificial Intelligence (AI) software subscription is a new service that provides AI copywriters who can provide high quality content for your website or app without any human input. You just need to feed the software with some keywords and it will create an article in no time from scratch, saving you hours of work. An AI platform may consist of one or more bots which are processes programmed to perform repetitive tasks like solving math problems, playing games and so on. A bot could be built on many programming languages such as C++, Python and many more. But, they all have something in common such as the ability to automate simple tasks instead of humans doing them manually over and over again. So if we think about bots not only being able to solve mathematical problems, but also writing articles in an easy and fast way, AI bots are on their way to replacing copywriters!

What are copywriters

Copywriters are the people who write all the content for your company. It could be blogs, articles, social media posts and sales copy. Copywriters are skilled professionals that can create engaging copy in a matter of hours if not minutes. They’re worth their weight in gold these days, because companies have realized they need to produce quality content just like back when TV was new; so it stands out from other marketing channels competing for attention online or on mobile devices.

The AI software used to only be good at producing low-quality content which might suffice if you want something quickly without investing any time into thinking about how to improve it. But modern bots are getting close to replacing copywriters, and soon there won't be any jobs left for human workers willing to do this kind of labor intensive work over and over again.

Sales copy by bots

Bots can write a great sales copy to promote your product or service. This AI software can produce a high quality sales copy that is readable and engaging as well which will help you rank higher in search engines since Google prefers websites with fresh, unique quality on it. Best thing about AI is that they can be used for repetitive tasks such as this one because their memory capacity limits are virtually inexhaustible while humans have finite attention spans and creativity levels of their own.

The AI software can help you write a great sales copy side by side with a prospecting email, blog posts, case studies and much more that will increase your conversion rates no matter what type of product or service you are marketing to potential customers. You have the option to use thousands of different templates for every situation which range from basic sales copy to persuasive copywriting examples that would prompt people into making the decision on impulse, just by reading it. Choose any template available within this AI software subscription and let it do all the hard work while you sit back in your chair sipping coffee, without lifting a finger! Automation as easy as one-two-three!

Sales Copy by Human Copywriter

A copywriter can obviously write solid sales copy, but it takes long hours to do it. A copywriter can spend hours or even weeks trying to come up with a killer headline that will capture the attention of potential leads and convert them into customers. Hiring a team of copywriters can increase the speed of creating a good sales copy in a company. It costs a lot to hire a team for copywriting for a business and becomes an administrative and management nightmare.

Bots vs. Humans... Who will win?

This might be seen as an alarming development, but with AI technology improving day after day, most online content may soon be created by machines. Bots may be able to create better sales copy than human workers do soon; once they get the basic elements of writing right. Such as using active verbs, compelling adjectives and adverbs to make the message come alive; telling stories using characters instead of just stating facts pulled from the internet.

The AI platform is able to produce on-demand content that targets the needs of your customers and connects with their emotions, making them more likely to buy from you. Artificial intelligence can learn as it goes, meaning every article will be original and have a human touch, because they are guided by humans, but created from scratch using AI technology! Some big companies like already use bots for generating sales copy, which works very well, so there's no doubt about the quality!

So why bother hiring a team of writers when robots can do an even better job much cheaper? And not only producing great content, these assistants also provide insights into what type of words or phrases work best within different contexts such as headlines, titles or paragraphs.

What are you waiting for? Try the AI Copy Writer today!