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No Views On Tiktok: Solved! -- Fix No Views On Tiktok

Apr 09, 2022

No Views On Tiktok: Solved! -- Fix No Views On Tiktok

If you are getting no views on Tiktok, this will show you how to fix it!

What causes no views on Tiktok?

No views on Tiktok usually happens because your video is stuck "processing." In other words, your video is still going through the approval process, and therefor only you can see it. Even though you have "posted" the video, it is not actually viewable publicly on the app until this review process is complete. Usually this process only takes a few seconds, however, many users have reported a bug that causes videos to sometimes get stuck "processing" for hours, days, and sometimes even indefinitely...

Another reason you might be experiencing no views on Tiktok is if you have a brand new account, or no followers. If you have no followers, there is nobody to view your video until somebody finds your profile. In this instance, your best bet is to start engaging with other creators by following them, and liking and commenting on their videos.

Can a shadowban cause no views on Tiktok?

Generally speaking, Tiktok shadow bans are a complete myth... The Tiktok shadow ban myth is perpetuated by people (often young people) who lack a basic understanding of how algorithms work. The Tiktok algorithm (and which videos it promotes) is completely decided by math.

The algorithm simply tracks which videos get the most views and engagement, and then promotes those videos, it really is that simple. Now, of course Tiktok is a big corporation, and algorithms can be very complex, so there is a real possibility (in fact, its almost guaranteed) that certain words, hashtags, or topics are censored. In other words, one reason you might get no views on Tiktok is because your video contains something that goes against Tiktok's terms of service.