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No Dislike Video: The YouTube Video With No Dislikes

Nov 17, 2021

No Dislike Video: The YouTube Video With No Dislikes

There is a rumor going around the internet about a no dislike video... Does it actually exist?

We did the research to get to the bottom of the viral no dislike video trend, so you can get all of your questions answered in one place.

The no dislike video first became a trend after the no dislikes video below was uploaded to YouTube by user James Jernigan SEO & Digital Marketing. This no dislike video went viral, and many other no dislike videos started popping up. Everybody wanted to know if such a thing existed, but nobody knew for sure except those who had already watched it. The no dislike video is currently among the top trending videos on YouTube at the time of this article's publication.

After watching these no dislike videos, we here at Hussle Marketing found out that there is no actual evidence that it's actually a no dislike video. In fact, plenty of people have disliked the video. The thing is, YouTube recent hid the dislike count on videos from the public. Meaning: creators can still see how many dislikes their videos get, but only they will see it. When you watch someone else's video, you will not be able to see how many dislikes their video has; only they will know. That is why no dislike videos exist, because no one can see the dislikes!

Sounds confusing doesn't it? Well no fear, we have some more details on what no dislike videos are.

A no dislike video is not really a no dislike video at all... They are actually just hidden from public view. There are no real no dislike videos on YouTube. However, YouTube did change their algorithm recently to hide the number of dislikes on each video. When someone uploads a no dislikes video, they do get the pleasure of seeing that they have 0 dislikes until someone comes along and dislikes their video.

The truth about no dislike videos

So, what does this all mean?

- No dislike videos are actually no dislikes until someone comes along and gives it a thumbs down.

- YouTube hid the number of dislikes on every video, no matter how controversial. This is to reduce cyber bullying and help keep people "safe" on YouTube, according to YouTube. Critics claim it's a form of censorship.

No dislike video update explained

Whatsup with YouTube removing the publicly displayed dislike count?

Yesterday, a rare change to the YouTube platform was announced which removed the dislike counts from creator videos. This update has been met with much controversy as it may be viewed as another form of censorship created by YouTube.

The no dislike video update is part of an overall series of updates pitched as a response to cyber bullying, but could there be another reason altogether a massive corporation like YouTube would want to control what information the public has access to?

Could these new no dislike video updates appear to be in response to record breaking rates of dislikes received on government and mainstream media sponsored uploads? (such as recent content uploaded called Fauci by National Geograghic...)

YouTubers have always loved the peer-to-peer nature of the platform, and being able to freely express themselves by interacting and engaging with each others videos. Many saw the dislike ratio as a helpful way of determining whether watching a particular video would be worth their time. If a particular video had a ton of dislikes, they may skip it; after all, there is tons of clickbait and spam on YouTube!

No dislike video debunked

The no dislike video myth has been debunked; there is no such thing as a real no dislike video. However, YouTube has recently hidden the dislike count from public view. This means that technically, every video is a no dislike video. The real reason this article about no dislike videos exist, is because James Jernigan noticed that this particular keyword was getting a ton of searches every month, despite no content existing on the subject. So he used AI to write this article, and now his blog gets thousands of extra views, from curious people just like you. Check out his website to learn more about how to get free website traffic from Google search results!

The future of the YouTube dislike button

So what comes next, after YouTube removed the public dislike count on videos?

It is a step in a direction that can be quite helpful for YouTubers.

Even though it appears to be a heavy handed form of censorship, for now YouTube's dislike system is going away.

YouTube dislike button is going away?

The dislike button on YouTube was not without its flaws. The dislike count didn't always accurately reflect the audience of the video. Sometimes competitors, or even outright bullies were using the dislike button as a way to harass other creators.

The dislike button was also creating sub communities that were far more negative than the general community. For example, teenagers who join YouTube with little life experience would often join up with similar people and then "gang up" on videos to dislike them en masse. This can make growing on the platform very difficult for an individual creator. Just look at any video featuring Joe Biden or Dr. Fauci to see how quickly dislikes can add up!

Once you realize how many people dislike the majority of the nonsense uploaded by corporate media on what was once a platform all about individual creators, it's really no surprise that YouTube is stepping away from the dislike button entirely.

What dislikes going away means for creators like you

With the dislike button going away, the focus on YouTube will now be about engagement.

Now creators need to actively figure out how they can get their viewers to interact with them in positive ways. This does not necessarily mean making more short videos! It means providing engaging thought pieces, developing strong characters and telling compelling stories which engages the audience.

It is better for your content if you ask questions of your audience that get them talking back to you or offer thoughtful responses rather than just hitting dislike. Although it might be tempting based on past behavior, try to resist this urge! Instead, through interaction via comments encourage community participation by asking follow up questions. Sometimes even just typing "Yes" or "No" to answer a question helps tickle the algorithm, and get your videos shown to more people.

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