Nicholas J. Britton Wants This Video Off Of The Internet: Mountain Top Media Group CEO Exposed!

Mar 28, 2021

What was Nicholas Britton thinking when he sent this message? You would think someone managing the advertising for several million dollar businesses (as he claims) would have enough sense not to send such embarrassing messages, especially to someone in the SEO field, which he clearly knows nothing about...

Anyway, since he asked me to make a video about him, I did just that! I figured everyone should know exactly how Nick Britton, the author of "Children Know Success. Do You?" and "Lessons From The Little Ones" behaves himself online, and what kind of example he sets. The most hilarious part of the whole thing, is he accused me of sharing images of kids online... As if his dumbass wasn't the one who uploaded that picture to Facebook, and then used his profile to embarrass himself! What a joke!

Thanks for the laugh, Nick!