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MrBeast Monopoly - Can You Actually Buy A Life Size Monopoly Board?

Nov 19, 2022

MrBeast Monopoly For Sale: Where To Get Your Hands On A Massive Monopoly Board

Ever since MrBeast released this video playing a life-sized game of Monopoly with real money, fans around the world have been wondering where they can buy a huge Monopoly board too.

In the video, Jimmy (Mr. Beast's real name) can be seen with his friends playing a life-sized version of possibly the most famous board game of all time: Monopoly.

Only the catch was, they played with real money, and the winner got to keep a giant sum of cash!

You'll have to watch the video above to see who won, but you'll be amazed at both the outcome, and just how much fun the boys had while playing MrBeast Monopoly.


So, where can you buy MrBeast Monopoly?

MrBeast Monopoly is a YouTube video created by Mr. Beast where he and his friends play monopoly on an XL Monopoly board, and we are hoping a life-size version of the game will hit Amazon's shelves any day now.

So far, a release of a humongous version of Monoply being released in time for Black Friday and Cyber Monday is just a rumor, but we sure have our fingers crossed!

Be honest, what would light up your kids face more than a life-sized version of Monopoly under the tree on Christmas morning?

If not released by Christmas time, we are definitely hoping huge monopoly boards get released soon, so we can all play MrBeast Monopoly!

In the mean time, you'll just have to order a regular sized version of the game here.