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Mp5 Cold War Warzone - Best SMG Loadout & Tips For Success

Nov 16, 2022

Mp5 Cold War Warzone - Best SMG Loadout & Tips For Success

Although not nearly as popular as the Armaguerra 43 or PPSh-41, the MP5 is still a powerful weapon in the right hands. If you are a run and gunner, or just a serious SMG player, you won't want to sleep on the MP5 Cold War Warzone, especially when its kitted out correctly with the right attachments and perks.

We recommend using the agency supressor, the tiger team spotlight, bruiser grip, raider stock, and STANAG 50 round drum mag. The point of this setup is to boost the SMG's speed and lethality at close range. The supressor keeps things stealth, and the grips give the player maximum control over muzzle climb, especially in fast close quarters combat situations.

The best perks to use with the MP5 SMG are EOD, Amped, and Overkill. For secondary, you should choose the Cooper Carbine, and pick Semtex as lethal, and heatbeat sensor as tactical. Much like the kits in our JGOD spreadsheet, this kit is designed to maximize the players overall effectiveness by choosing items that work well together.

To unlock the MP5 you'll need to reach rank 4. The MP5 Cold War Warzone is best used in rapid, close quarter gunfights. A favorite of run and gunners, it packs a deadly punch in ambush situations.