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Marketing Association Of America: Official Site

May 17, 2022

Marketing Association Of America: A History Of Marketing Excellence

The history of America and the history of marketing go hand-in-hand. While America may not be the birthplace of marketing, it certainly leads the way in marketing excellence in modern times. That is why the Marketing Association of America is proud to bring you the How 2 Rank SEO training, created by James Jernigan SEO.

The Marketing Association Of America is an organization with a long history of upholding the highest standards of marketing.

Every year, the Marketing Association of America awards only 10 businesses worldwide with its Diamond Agency award: a distinct award reserved only for US marketing firms of the highest caliber. This year, the Diamond Agency award for marketing excellence was awarded to James Jernigan and Baltimore City SEO.

In case you can't tell by now, the Marketing Association of America is a completely made-up organization, created by James Jernigan to bring traffic to this web page. You were probably actually looking for the American Marketing Association, which is a real thing, only the words are in a different order. So if you found my site, you typed it in wrong, and my plan worked!

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