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Jasper AI Alternative: The Artificial Intelligence Writing Tool That's Better Than Jarvis

Apr 02, 2022


Jasper AI Alternative: The Artificial Intelligence Writing Tool That's Better Than Jarvis

Let's face it... Jasper AI is really expensive. Especially for beginners and part-time internet marketers, who don't have thousands of dollars per year to invest in writing tools.

But does that mean there is no hope for the casual blogger who just writes for a hobby, or as a side hustle, to enjoy automatic content generators like Jarvis?

Not so fast!

There is a new (vastly less expensive) artificial intelligence copywriting robot that I think deserves a look. It's called Copywriterr, and it is both super simple, and super affordable!

Instead of paying $120 per month like you do with Jasper (formerly Jarvis AI) you can get lifetime access to this powerful AI writing tool for a one-time payment of less than $100 bucks! That means you will be able to generate unlimited content for your blog, without ever having to pay monthly subscription fees!

If you are still using Jasper, you are overpaying for AI content!

The fact is, there are many tools that can write articles, blog posts, and website content using artificial intelligence. Of course the pricing varies, and so do the features; however the end result we are all looking for is quality website content that doesn't take forever or cost a fortune to produce...

That is exactly what makes Copywriterr better than (also known as Jasper, or Jarvis.) While Copywriterr may lack some of the fancier features that Jasper has, the drastic price difference makes it a no-brainer for anyone looking to make money online.

Need more proof?

Just check out this tutorial to see exactly how James Jernigan SEO has been using AI writing tools to earn passive income online: