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How To Setup A Subdomain For Your GrooveKart Store: Create A Subdomain For Groovefunnels Site

Mar 31, 2021

In this quick video, I will show you exactly how to setup a subdomain for your Groovekart store using Cloudflare.

Setting up your GrooveKart store on a subdomain is incredibly simple, and should take you no more than five minutes, as I demonstrate in this video.

The benefit to building your Groove Kart store on a subdomain of your main domain is that you can keep your branding consistent. The reason you cannot use the same domain for your groovepages website and your groovekart store is because the codes on the backend are different, and will not work together if you set them both up on the same domain.

You can, however, setup a sub domain to host your Groovekart store, while keeping your Groovepages site on your main domain, so that everything matches up in the eyes of your customer, and continues working properly on the Groove Digital CRM platform.

In case you are somehow still unfamiliar with what Groovekart is, it is the ecommerce application within Groovefunnels that lets you conveniently sell physical products online. Groovekart is an app within the Groovefunnels platform, a powerful marketing and CRM software suite that will let your setup, scale, and automate your online business.

Don't have an online business? No problem! Groovefunnels will not only let you create and sell your own physical or digital products, but they even have an affiliate program so virtually anyone can start making money online by just sharing a link!

That's right, now, thanks to Groove CM, anybody can make money online by sharing a link, without doing much else! How is that possible? It's called affiliate marketing! They give you a custom link when you sign up for you to share, and if someone buys through your link, you earn a percentage of the profits!

How much? That depends, but this is currently one of the most generous affiliate products on the market! Free Groovefunnels users earn 20% commissions on all sales. Upgraded lifetime platinum members earn 40% on all sales, meaning just 3 lifetime membership sales pays for the software and puts you in the green! Talk about a screaming deal! No wonder hundreds of thousands of people have already signed up, and many are earning tens of thousands of dollars just by promoting it!