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How To Make Your Tiktok Video Viral - 3 Simple Steps

Apr 03, 2022

How To Make Your Tiktok Video Viral - 3 Simple Steps

The secret to how to make your Tiktok video viral is out!

If you are looking to get tons of Tiktok views, this video has the answers to all of your questions about the Tiktok algorithm.

Many people think the Tiktok algorithm is some complex mystery that nobody could figure out in a million years...

Others think the Tiktok algorithm has something against them personally, as if it is some big conspiracy, and the TT algorithm is out to get them.

But what is really going on? Is it really possible to make your Titkok video viral on purpose?

The answer is yes; and if you have an hour to sit down and take notes on this instructional video, you too, will understand how to make your Tiktok video viral.

Step One: A Viral Tiktok Video Starts With A Strong Hook

The first step to making your Tiktok video viral is to start it with a strong hook, that captures viewers attention within the first second of the video. Since the Tiktok algorithm promotes the most engaging videos, your first job is to make sure you stop scrollers in their tracks. You want them to fell like they absolutely have to know what is coming next. You could say or do something controversial, but sometimes a good hook is as simple as starting your video by saying something like "You would not believe this..." Once you have a strong hook, you are ready to move on to step two of making your Tiktok video viral.

Step Two: A Viral Tiktok Video Tells A Story

The second step of creating a viral Tiktok video is to tell your story. The middle part of your video should focus on what idea you are trying to convey to the viewer. Since Tiktok is based on user generated content, your story should feel personal and make viewers feel like they are connecting with you. The average viral Tiktok video is around 15 seconds long, so make sure to keep it short and sweet.

Step Three: A Viral Tiktok Video Has A Call To Action

A good Tiktok video uses a call-to-action to help it go viral. A call to action is the last section of your video, where you literally ask the viewer to do something. To like the video, to leave a comment, to follow the account, to click the link in your profile, or even go to a website and buy a product.

You get the idea. You don't want that Tiktok viewer just scrolling to the next video. You want them engaging with your content. Whether that means watching your video multiple times, sharing it, or clicking the link in your profile, a good viral Tiktok video creates engagement. Ultimately, engagement is what the Tiktok algorithm measures to determine which videos it makes go viral.

Following this simple 3 step process helped me grow multiple Tiktok accounts to over 15k followers in a matter of weeks!

Tiktok account that went viral 1: @BestSEO

Tiktok account that went viral 2: @GMBSEO

This viral Tiktok I posted using the strategy above has received over 800K organic views, and has made me thousands of dollars in affiliate commissions from the extra traffic going to the link in my profile!